Sensuality at the heart of Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir

Sensuality at the heart of Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir
Sensuality at the heart of Jeu d'Amour l'Elixir
Sensuality at the heart of Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir

Beyond smelling good, a perfume has many other advantages. In addition, it is an undeniable tool of seduction. Indeed, smelling good allows you to please yourself but also others. Thus, Kenzo enjoys venturing into this field. With this last essence, He creates a real game of seduction. Game of Love the Elixir makes its appearance and promises to put your emotions to the test. Indeed, it is thought of as a game in which the evolution of feelings is the key to success. It evolves over the hours like a tender carnal story and its olfactory rendering is simply sublime.

Game of Love the Elixir, a story that does not date from yesterday

At a time when the world rhymes with consumer society, even the partners seem interchangeable. Indeed, couples are made and unmade according to the seasons. Love becomes a game with many followers. However, Kenzo does not seem to be one of those. Indeed, by creating Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir the house only intensifies the existing feelings. This is not a whole new story but simply the evolution of a previous olfactory chapter. The story of Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir began in 2006. That year, Kenzo decided to create a fragrance called Amour. The latter is presented as a journey. It takes us into a somewhat dreamlike universe, dominated by the impulses of the heart. Also, the year 2014 reinvented this first essence and approached love in a more frivolous way through the fragrance Jeu d’Amour. We then remember the advertisement presenting Louise Bourgoin confronting a beautiful model in a game of cards of the most sensual. Well, that’s exactly what it’s all about in Kenzo’s new nectar.

Kenzo reinvents seduction

Love the Elixir gameopens with particularly energizing notes. We find in particular the fusing green mandarin. This is associated with a more woody and musky aroma of blackberry. Gourmets will be delighted: this one is worked to deliver us its juice soaked in sunshine. It is a real marmalade which gradually gives way to the delicacy of jasmine. This white flower brings a dash of lightness to the fragrance, associated with a touch of luxury. This is brought by tuberose, a rare and expensive element that comes directly from India or Mexico. Finally, Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir ends with a more enveloping scent of vanilla. Likewise, aromas of rum appear quite discreetly and are enhanced by the tenacity and assertive character of patchouli. This surge of sensuality is made with great elegance. Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir is a brilliantly constructed perfume with many nuances. It is a real olfactory pleasure that should make more than one succumb …

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