Jordan Barrett now embodies 1 Million

Jordan Barrett now embodies 1 Million
Jordan Barrett now embodies 1 Million
Jordan Barrett now embodies 1 Million

Paco Rabanne presents us the new figure of 1 Million: Jordan Barrett

Paco Rabanne is a genius designer who doesn’t just make simple perfumes. Through each of his creations, the couturier, and designer of luxury of all kinds, tries above all to draw us into a world in its own right. Thus, 1 Million and its female counterpart, Lady Million, take us to a world in which gold reigns supreme. After all, “whatever the civilizations and religions, gold has never ceased to seduce man.” However, as if to put forward this cult perfume, Paco Rabanne decided to present us with a brand new advertisement. Focus on the clip “HOT & FUN! “Of 1 Million.

The luxurious and sassy universe of 1 Million

As soon as man discovered gold, he tried to transform it, in turn into coins, jewels or precious ingots. Paco Rabanne, he decided to make a dress, in 1968, then a perfume, in 2008. Since that date, 1 Million takes us into a world where lust reigns supreme. 1 Million is a juice synonymous with seduction , assertiveness, fantasy and desire. Thanks to this perfume, the man Paco Rabanne seems to reconnect with his wildest desires: buy a shiny car, go on a treasure hunt or pretty girls, let escape the lion that sleeps deep inside him. … These are the codes that can be found in the “HOT & FUN! “For 1 Million.

Jordan Barrett as Paco Rabanne’s muse

The entirety of Paco Rabanne’s new advertising clip does not exceed 30 seconds. This is enough to present us the new face of the house of Paco Rabanne: the seductive Jordan Barrett. He is considered to be the new “it boy” in fashion. However, nothing predestined him for such a career. In fact, he is the son of a famous drug lord, Adrian Barrett. Already arrested at the age of 14, he seems to have been saved by his revolving eyes and pretty blonde locks. Originally from the Pacific coast of Australia, Jordan Barrett was spotted in 2010, preparing to steal matches. Today, he connects contracts and appears with extreme ease in the new clip for 1 Million.

The catchy clip of 1 Million

Paco Rabanne’s television spot for 1 Million takes up all the codes of perfume. The set takes place in monochrome black and white tones embellished with a few golden nuances to recall the world of 1 Million perfume. Jordan Barrett offers us his most beautiful sway and multiplies the snaps of his fingers to echo the previous advertisements of 1 Million. The whole is played on the track “Hot N Fun” by NERD Feat Nelly Furtado and is particularly catchy. Without being able to dance with Jordan Barrett, what are you waiting for to get hold of his perfume?

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