Sensuality at its peak with Olympea Intense

Sensuality at its peak with Olympea Intense
Sensuality at its peak with Olympea Intense
Sensuality at its peak with Olympea Intense

When Paco Rabanne decides to push the sensuality of Olympéa Intense to its climax …

The announcement was made like a message sent by the gods themselves: the goddess Olympea by Paco Rabanne will soon have a worthy descendant! The brand has decided to reinterpret its biggest bestseller to transform it into an even more Intense version. Offered in a talisman bottle, Olympéa Intense is already one of the most anticipated scent releases of 2017. So, let’s take a closer look at what this new fragrance has in store for us in terms of scent.

Paco Rabanne’s new fragrance

Olympéa Intense has just been presented by Paco Rabanne who likes to describe his new creation as an “oriental, sexy and carnal fragrance”. This one is reminiscent of its predecessor and notably contains the same vanilla and salty accord as this one. On the other hand, as its name suggests, Olympéa Intense has this time pushed its sensuality to its climax. The latter begins with a real solar energy, impertinent and energizing.

Olympéa Intense notably combines the Mediterranean radiance of orange blossom, the spicy arrogance of white pepper and the fresh vitality of grapefruit. Then, it is at this moment that Olympéa Intense is loaded with vanilla. The goddess therefore becomes absolutely irresistible. Finally, little by little, Olympéa Intense accentuates its sensuality until revealing a trail loaded with white amber and ambergris. The whole thing turns out to be as unexpected as it is additive, capable of turning many heads, including those of the gods themselves!

Olympéa Intense, third variant of a legendary fragrance

If Olympéa saw the light of day quite recently, in 2015, it is already showing off as a cult perfume. This is why Paco Rabanne never stops surfing on his success. As such, Olympéa Intense is not the first variant of the goddess.

The initial version of Olympéa saw the light of day thanks to three renowned perfumers, namely Loc Dong, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion. The latter combined their creativity and developed an oriental, floral and woody fragrance. This turned out to be as charged with strength as with femininity. At the time, Olympéa already offered an exacerbated sensuality based on a salty vanilla accord associated with the freshness of floral notes. Then, in 2016, Paco Rabanne decided to reinterpret it in a more aerial variation.

Olympéa Aqua then took charge of the freshness of petitgrain and Calabrian bergamot while accentuating these ingredients of ginger flowers in its heart. With the creation of Olympéa Intense, it seems that Paco Rabanne has therefore decided to take the extreme opposite of this first variation. There is now something for all tastes, all seasons and all occasions. Whether you want freshness, femininity or eroticism, there is now necessarily an Olympéa to enhance your natural charm.

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