Eau de toilette For a Man by Caron Caron

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Eau de toilette For a Man by Caron Caron is a 1934 Aromatic Cologne by Because we for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Ernest Daltroff . Top notes are Lavender, Rosemary, Bergamot, Lemon, Clary sage. Middle notes are Pink. Base notes are Vanilla, Tonka bean, Cedar, Heliotrope, Tonkin musk.

Eau de toilette For a Man by Caron Caron
Eau de toilette For a Man by Caron Caron


For a Caron man, an iconic perfume

He will rename his shop Caron, simply after the name of the former owner. From its inception, the Caron brand has been reserved exclusively for perfumery. It was in 1934 that Caron unveiled “Pour un homme”. A small olfactory revolution, “Pour un homme” has a light air, a fresh scent at the heart of this carefree inter-war period.

For a man from Caron, seduction 80 years later

In 1934, most of the men who perfume themselves used colognes or colognes. At that time perfumes were, anyway, intended for women. By creating “Pour un homme”, the Caron house will be a true pioneer. Ernest Daltroff was particularly fond of lavender, so it was only natural that he chose this plant to compose his perfume. He decided to combine it with vanilla, the favorite scent of his collaborator, who later became his wife, Félicie Wanpouille. A daring bet for the time, but a winning bet… The formula and the bottle have remained unchanged since 1934. Only its name changed during the war, it became “For a woman”. Indeed, brands created by Jews are heavily taxed. Ernest Daltroff decided to go into exile in the United States and rename his perfume in order to save him. After the war, he gave it back its name “For a man” and success was immediate.

The dominant lavender of Pour un homme

“Pour un homme” is centered around a dominant note, lavender. Fresh and aromatic, the latter is combined with the warmth of vanilla. The marriage of two apparently contradictory notes is in fact the success of this composition… “Pour un homme” begins with the floral and aromatic notes of lavender. This is associated with the fresh and citrus notes of lemon and bergamot, as well as an aromatic note, rosemary, for even more freshness. These accords are reminiscent of those of colognes, very trendy for the 1920s. At the heart we find the rose associated with sage, cedar wood and precious woods, which gives the composition all its refinement. Finally, the base consists of vanilla, the other important note of this juice. This is enhanced with tonka bean, amber, oak moss and white musks. As for the bottle, it is sober and masculine as it was when it was created. Simple and minimalist, it gives a glimpse of its apple-green juice. It is topped with a silver metal cabochon for more elegance.

Pour un homme de Caron celebrated his 80th birthday in 2014! Despite his age, he still seduces as much and has acquired an iconic status. His daring bet for the time is a timeless success since it has survived time without taking a wrinkle. But, isn’t it the prerogative of all great perfumes to cross the ages and continue to seduce without betraying themselves?

The Caron perfume house opened at the beginning of the 20th century under the aegis of the talented perfumer Ernest Daltroff. He will offer great fragrances, the best known, still to this day, are Fleurs de Rocaille and of course the icon of male perfumery, Pour un Homme. It is true that Pour un Homme, released in 1934, already had everything to please these gentlemen. Innovative, modern but also terribly reassuring, Pour un Homme will create the event but also the advent of Caron perfumery.

When Ernest Daltroff finally offers a modern masculine fragrance with Pour un Homme…

In the 1930s, women’s perfumery tended to diversify with great successes such as N ° 5 by Chanel or Fleurs de Rocaille by Caron. However, with regard to male perfumes, colognes are still de rigueur and scents with a trail reserved only for women. But Ernest Daltroff, owner of the now famous Maison Caron, will finally offer them something new with a real fragrance, Pour un Homme.

Pour un Homme will shake up the codes of these masculine waters by offering for the very first time both relatively classic aromatic and citrus accords while propelling floral notes and a powerful woody trail. So the lavender that men love so much meets a vanilla that men absolutely do not know, except when they smell the neck of their beloved women …

The composition of Pour un Homme is so different and especially so avant-garde that it will stand the test of time without ever fading. Better, Pour un Homme is as much appreciated by these gentlemen as by women, which could almost make it mixed, a great daring for the time!

“The revolution is to have launched it as a that perfume for men, so different from the eternal cologne that had been reserved for them until then. The recipe is simple and well adjusted. This is the key to going through time. “& Nbsp; Romain Alès, Caron, about Pour un Homme.

Pour un Homme de Caron or the astonishing marriage of lavender and vanilla

Ernest Daltroff was a perfumer passionate about his art but also a great traveler who liked to bring back from each trip to the end of the world rare raw materials which would become ingredients for his next perfumes. Pour un Homme was built mainly around the lavender note that he knew so well accompanied by the vanilla that he had brought from one of his trips.

Thus Pour un Homme sets off on a citrus and fresh start of bergamot and lemon. To these citrus fruits Ernest Daltroff will add a magnificent cocktail of aromatic herbs of which lavender will be queen. At the heart, the rose will bring to this Pour un Homme a touch of delicacy and sophistication never before seen in a masculine perfume which, however, decades later will be acclaimed in other fragrances such as Dior Homme or Le Mâle. Finally, vanilla, the opulent and sweet host of this great man, will form with the tonka bean a marriage of sensual and gourmet notes which will find its place in cottony and so comfortable white musks.

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