Luna, the fragrance of Nina Ricci’s new heroine

Luna, the fragrance of Nina Ricci’s new heroine
Luna, the new heroine of Nina Ricci
Luna, the new heroine of Nina Ricci

Founded in 1932 by Maria Adélaïde Nielli, the Nina Ricci house reflects a feminine, elegant and modern style. His first store was located rue des Capucines, in Paris and success was not long in coming. It was in 1946 that the brand launched into the world of perfumery with “Coeur Joie”, which did not have the expected success.

It was her second fragrance “L’Air du temps”, released in 1948, which brought the house of Nina Ricci to the fore. In 2006, the brand unveiled “Nina”, a magical and romantic fragrance. Ten years later, Nina Ricci introduces us to her new heroine “Luna” .

Luna, the other forbidden fruit of the Ricci house

In 2006, “Nina” reflected a modern-day princess who lived in a fairy-tale world. If Nina Ricci wanted to create “Luna”, it is in no way to make forget “Nina”. On the contrary, “Luna” and “Nina” are ultra complementary fragrances.

“Luna” is just as sparkling as “Nina”, with nevertheless a more sensual, more enigmatic side. Romantic and seductive, “Luna” juice is always incorporated into Nina Ricci’s favorite forbidden fruit. The apple has become the DNA of the house of Ricci, so it was impossible for her to present her new heroine in another bottle. Symbol of love, but also of the forbidden, the apple is the star bottle of “Luna”.

Here, the new character ties a leather lace to his neck, thus giving a “rock” aspect to his look and character. This time the apple is tinted with an intense turquoise blue color, almost hypnotic. Today “Nina” and “Luna” form a duo called “Les belles de Nina”.

Luna’s gourmet tones

“Luna” was developed by a duo of perfumers, namely Christophe Raynaud and Marie Salamagne. “Luna” displays a solar temperament from the start as it takes off with notes of rose berries. These are associated with the luminosity of orange blossom and the lively freshness of lime.

The heart of “Luna” is both gourmet and floral, because it combines jasmine, immortelle with caramel and pear. The base is sensual, greedy and woody thanks to the presence of sandalwood, vanilla from Madagascar, liquorice and white musks. The face of “Luna” is embodied by top model Jac Jagaciak. She joined the muse of “Nina”, Frida Gustavsson, to represent “Les belles de Nina”.

“Luna” and “Nina” now evoke a duo of dreams, enchantment and romanticism in its purest form. An enigmatic fragrance, “Luna” is Nina Ricci’s new heroine. As mischievous as her friend “Nina” , “Luna” is contained in the star bottle of the Ricci house, the apple, which represents the forbidden fruit.

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