Modern Princess Blooming the new very nuanced fragrance from Lanvin

Modern Princess Blooming the new very nuanced fragrance from Lanvin
Modern Princess Blooming the new very nuanced fragrance from Lanvin
Modern Princess Blooming the new very nuanced fragrance from Lanvin

Modern Princess Blooming, a new wind of freedom is blowing on Lanvin!

The Lanvin house is characterized by its unfailing refinement and its unmatched sense of luxury. However, in 2016, she chose to bring a touch of madness to her creations, by concocting the Modern Princess perfume… The ambition of this fragrance? To reveal to us all the audacity and playfulness of contemporary women. In 2018, this floral and gourmet juice also became Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle, offering us for the occasion a more intimate interpretation of its scent. Once again, a new chapter opens on this saga in 2020. From now on, playfulness and insolence are more than ever required. Prepare to welcome Modern Princess Blooming, the scent of a colorful woman!

Modern Princess Blooming, a fresh and floral essence

Modern Princess Blooming owes its existence to perfumer Nathalie Lorson. Here, the designer wanted to express the image of a free woman, overflowing with energy, but in the process preserving an undeniable part of seduction. It is therefore precisely these aspects that we find in the Modern Princess Blooming recipe. First of all, this fragrance leaves an important place for freshness and liveliness. It shows in a trio of pink grapefruit, tangerine and watermelon. Then, her femininity takes over, to give birth to a more romantic and elegant fragrance. After all, let’s not forget that this is a princess! Damascus rose lights up with jasmine, while pairing with Osmanthus, which is more apricot. Little by little, its indomitable character is expressed more fully at its base.

Lanvin sublimates its bottle with a new red dress

Modern Princess Blooming comes in the same bottle as its predecessors. In other words, its bottle forms a feminine silhouette, as if dressed in a vaporous and fluid dress, moving with pleasure according to your movements. Its sensual forms are now illuminated with a new pink gradient. A golden ring is also invited on its collar, while being accessorized with a metal chain, emblem of the Lanvin house. The name of the brand, meanwhile, appears vertically, in red writing synonymous with passion.

Modern Princess Blooming, the essence of a free and rebellious woman

With Modern Princess Blooming, Lanvin chooses to give us the portrait of an indomitable and daring woman. “Lanvin explores a very contemporary vision of a woman. A rebellious, free-spirited adventurer, she breaks the rules in general, and the rules of romance in particular. Glamorous and fiercely sensual, she creates her own destiny. His freedom is precious ”. Modern Princess Blooming has clearly emancipated herself and knows exactly what she wants. She does not hesitate to face danger and forbids it. The woman who wears the Modern Princess Blooming perfume is not afraid to surprise and even plays with temptations. But after all, isn’t it his rebellious side that gives him so much charm?

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