New Monsieur Big Brow by Lancôme

New Monsieur Big Brow by Lancôme
New Monsieur Big Brow by Lancôme
New Monsieur Big Brow by Lancôme

Monsieur Big Chubby Brow by Lancôme, the essential tool to fill your eyebrows

The Lancôme house continues to develop new products in the field of make-up. Thus, in this year 2017, the brand unveiled a large number of powders with a solar and pearly effect. The emphasis was on warm, sparkling tones for summer, as well as intense, vivid and iridescent colors. Nevertheless, if there is one reference that hits the mark this season at Lancôme, it is above all Monsieur Big. You couldn’t escape the trend.

This is a mascara that promises up to 12 times more volume on your lashes. Quickly, the latter was followed by a whole bunch of other products intended to amplify the look. Today, the Monsieur Big range is enriched with a new Monsieur Big Chubby Brow .

Who is Mr. Big Chubby Brow?

Monsieur Big Chubby Brow is the latest novelty to enrich Lancôme’s Monsieur Big range. To be more precise, this is a soft and creamy eyebrow pencil, already available from Macy’s and Nordstrom. It comes in four different colors, so as to come out as close as possible to the natural color of your eyebrows. Mr. Big Chubby Brow has a double end. Its tube presents, on one side, a creamy pencil allowing to deposit the color on your eyebrows and to flesh them out.

On the other hand, Mr. Big Chubby Brow has a small kaboki-type brush that blurs the color for a more natural kabuki rendering. With Mister Big Chubby Brow the idea is to fill, define and shape your eyebrows. Thus, your gaze will only be more sculpted and more intense. Mister Big Chubby Brow glides effortlessly, ensuring quick and easy application.

It will also allow you to achieve a natural look , and a more graphic rendering. Its outfit is also exemplary and lasts for 24 consecutive hours, enough to sublimate your eyes from early morning until evening. Monsieur Big Chubby Brow offers a result worthy of a professional and pigments resistant to any test.

How to properly apply Lancôme makeup?

Of course, Lancôme provides some explanations as to the application of its product. So, putting on makeup becomes child’s play. All you need to do is follow the valuable advice from Lancôme. Start by plucking your eyebrows correctly, and brush them using a specific tool resembling a mascara brush.

To arrange your eyebrows correctly, know that it is recommended to brush them three-quarters up, with the exception of the outer tip of your eyes which should instead be brushed down. Next, fill in your brows using the creamy Mister Big Chubby Brow tip. To blend the color, then use the other Mister Big Chubby Brow tip with a brush. Just below your eyebrow, make a Mr. Big highlighter stroke and blend it. This will illuminate your eyes. Finally, don’t forget to sublimate your eyes with an eyeliner and Monsieur Big mascara. A look of embers guaranteed!

A more intense and defined look thanks to the eyebrow pencil Monsieur Big Brow by Lancôme

After getting a lot of talk about its mascara named Monsieur Big , the Lancôme brand has decided to make a wide range of products derived from this recent but already cult make-up … Thus, many other derivatives of this makeup icon have seen the day such as a felt eyeliner, a liquid and ultra pigmented lipstick or an eyebrow pencil. However, it is precisely this one that is in question here… Focus on the art of sublimating your gaze with the new Mr. Big Brow!

Why use an eyebrow pencil?

Drawing your eyebrows is an essential step in makeup. For this, they must be properly depilated. Then, applying eyebrow pencil to it naturally corrects the line. The idea is then to comb your eyebrows outwards while respecting the natural movement of your hairs. Then, by following the natural curvature of your eyelashes with your Monsieur Big Brow pencil, you can repair the few imperfections of your hair removal but also slightly modify the color of the natural hairs of the latter. This will give the illusion of eyebrows perfectly matched to your hair but also the illusion that you have fuller eyebrows. Indeed, very fine eyebrows are now totally outdated. The tendency is rather to a line with a suitable mass but correctly worked. What’s more, know that drawing your eyebrows allows you to enlarge the eyes. Thus, the Monsieur Big Brow Eyebrow Pencil will allow you to obtain a real doe gaze!

Les nombreux atouts du Crayon à Sourcils Monsieur Big Brow

Unlike classic eyebrow pencils, the Monsieur Big Brow by Lancôme has several significant advantages. First, it has a double tip to facilitate application. The first of these will help you comb your eyebrows and get your hairs in place properly. The second will allow you to apply color to it. What’s more, Mr. Big Brow has a creamy formula with a powdery finish and adjustable intensity. Thus, it will offer you a totally natural rendering. Likewise, its application is greatly facilitated and the Mr. Big Brow powder glides effortlessly over the eyebrow. Its behavior is exemplary and remains up to 24 hours. Its shade is available in four different colors which will allow you to get as close as possible to the natural color of your hair. So, your eyebrows will appear denser in just one stroke. Finally, note that its formula without water is ultralight. This will offer you absolutely optimal comfort.

Pour appliquer correctement le Crayon à Sourcils Monsieur Big Brow, il vous suffit d’étaler celui-ci de la base vers la pointe de votre sourcil après avoir préalablement peigné ces derniers. Enfin, utilisez l’embout pinceau de Monsieur Big Brow pour estomper la couleur de l’ensemble. Grâce à cet embout vous obtiendrez un fini poudré naturel, et vos sourcils paraîtront naturellement sculptés.

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