Sisley Phyto-Svelt Global Slimming

Sisley Phyto-Svelt Global Slimming
Sisley Phyto-Svelt Global Slimming
Sisley Phyto-Svelt Global Slimming

Sisley symbolizes a talent recognized around the world, when it comes to facial and body care. Its very complete range of products meets the needs of different skin types as well as all the needs of women, such as make-up removal, hydration, anti-aging, sun protection and even hair care. In order to preserve the skin’s daily hydration, Sisley has designed, under the direction of Isabelle d’Ornano, an innovative, high-end make- up line that uses the best of its skincare expertise. Here, Sisley unveils “Phyto-Svelt Global Slimming”.

the benefits of a global slimming treatment, the Sisley Phyto-Svelt Global Slimming technology in addition

Sisley “Phyto-Svelt Global Slimming” is an intensive slimming treatment which allows a global action on curves and stubborn cellulite. Thanks to the unprecedented combination of powerful active ingredients, “Phyto-Svelt Global” Sisley actively fights cellulite. These active ingredients decrease the storage of fats at the origin of cellulite, limit the creation of new fatty cells, and fight against tissue congestion as well as water retention. The result is smoother skin, slimmer figure and lighter legs. This new slimming approach allows overall efficiency thanks to 3 complementary actions,
Regulation of adipocyte flow.
To combat the orange peel appearance, a combination of active ingredients acts on the storage and destocking mechanisms of fat cells. With the cocktail of lipo-reducing active ingredients consisting of sour orange blossom extract, caffeine and cedrol, fat melting is now active. The extracts of coriander fruit and sour orange fruit, “anti-storage” active ingredients, also reduce the transport of lipids within adipocytes,

Slowing the formation of new fat cells

To slow down the creation of new adipocytes and help refine your figure, your Sisley global slimming treatment contains extracts of Indian lotus leaf, which will stimulate the enzyme capable of limiting the formation of fatty deposits.

Fights tissue congestion and water retention

The compression of the blood vessels causes a slowing down of the microcirculation as well as that of the nerve fibers. This can be the cause of pain or pinching. Plant extracts have been selected to reduce local engorgement and promote tissue drainage, mainly thanks to sour orange blossom extracts. In addition, shea butter, rapeseed oil as well as essential oils of rosemary, sage, lavender and marjoram, nourish and revitalize your skin, while promoting its elasticity, thanks to soy extracts.
Results, your skin is not only hydrated, but visibly more beautiful. It is toned and much firmer. Sisley’s “Phyto-Svelt Global” gives you an immediate feeling of freshness. Day after day, dimples are visibly smoothed. Your hips, thighs and stomach are slimmer, and your figure definitely slimmer.

Sisley Phyto-Svelt Global Slimming, advice for use

It is advisable to apply your Sisley slimming agent twice a day to the affected areas, namely the waist, stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks. Massage until perfect penetration.
On the thighs, it is recommended to spread your cream by light smoothing from the knees to the hips one hand after the other, then by deep smoothing for better circulation. With both hands, then circle the thighs from bottom to top and press firmly to stimulate drainage.
On the stomach and buttocks, it is advisable to massage in circular movements, hands flat, from the center outwards, wrapping your hips.

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