The Ideal Man… On the verge of perfection

The Ideal Man: A seductive and innovative Guerlain for… ideal men?
The Ideal Man… On the verge of perfection
The Ideal Man… On the verge of perfection

Pierre-François-Pascal founded the Guerlain house in 1828, his first shop was then located rue de Rivoli, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. At that time, the fashion was with floral scents, fresh and light. If the Guerlain house follows this fashion, that does not prevent it from imagining perfumes and therefore creating them according to the wishes of its customers … Between beauty and elegance, Guerlain is the perfect embodiment of French luxury. It was in 1889, with “Jicky” that the brand officially entered the world of luxury perfumery. In 2014, Guerlain unveiled “L’Homme Idéal”, the olfactory representation of male beauty.

The gentleman according to Guerlain

“L’Homme Idéal” is first of all a perfect representation of the know-how of the Guerlain house. This asserts, moreover, not without a touch of humor, that “The ideal man is a myth, his perfume a reality”. The idea of ​​the brand is therefore to unveil the best of the man, or the ideal man, for those who believe in his existence. “The Ideal Man” according to Guerlain then defines himself as a gentleman. Handsome, seductive and powerful, “The Ideal Man” is recognized by his natural charisma. Although he does not take himself seriously, he is nonetheless very intelligent and quick-witted. As a true concentrate of happiness, “The Ideal Man” brings out the best in each man. According to Guerlain, each Man has a part of the ideal in him, and depending on the woman who looks at him, he then becomes “The Ideal Man”. If the majority of women will tell you that the ideal man is a myth, his olfactory representation nevertheless borders on perfection …

The Ideal Man and his captivating notes

It is the talented Thierry Wasser, official nose of the Guerlain house, who imagined this magnificent fragrance, with the help of Delphine JelK. Both wanted a striking fragrance from the start. This is why “The Ideal Man” begins with the citrus notes which bring out the lively character of the ideal man. These are associated with the aromatic note of rosemary as well as the luminosity of orange blossom. The heart evolves towards the ultra sensual character of the ideal man, because it combines an accord of amaretto, one could not be more greedy and the notes of the tonka bean. The base progresses towards a very masculine and virile wake thanks to the presence of vanilla, Indian vetiver, patchouli and a leather accord … If the ideal man does not exist, he now has the scent. . As for the bottle, it is ultra virile, square, simple and uncluttered. It contrasts the transparency of its front face with the copper brown lacquering of its side faces. The whole is topped by an elegant and imposing hood. The bottle of “L’Homme Idéal” is also aa nod to that of the iconic “Habit Rouge” .

If “L’Homme Idéal” does not exist, at least it smells of it… A refined and ultra-virile masculine fragrance, “L’Homme Idéal” contains the best of every man. At the same time powerful, racy and sophisticated, its composition contains ingredients of choice. The bottle is as high as “L’Homme Idéal”, ultra chic… “L’Homme Idéal”, myth or reality?

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