New Lady Million Lucky for women

The feminine perfume Lucky Lady Million
New Lady Million Lucky for women
New Lady Million Lucky for women

Lady Million Lucky, the olfactory lucky charm of Paco Rabanne

Unashamedly embracing the concept of first degree bling-bling, the perfume 1 Million by Paco Rabanne appeared in 2008, taking the form of a gold bar. It was then two years before he saw his female counterpart, Lady Million, appear. Not devoid of second degree, these two essences did not take long to conquer the heart of the entire planet. Similar to an enormous precious jewel, Lady Million remains to this day one of the best-selling perfumes in the world . Building on this success, Paco Rabanne has today decided to reinterpret it and make it a real lucky charm called Lady Million Lucky.

A feminine and fruity fragrance embodied by Sophia Ahrens

Lady Million Lucky is a particularly feminine perfume that completely breaks with the first version of Lady Million . Indeed, it contains a completely new ingredient in the collection: the rose. This iconic flower of women’s perfumery was absent in Lady Million’s initial recipe. Today, it is she who occupies the center of its composition.

It reveals here a warm and honeyed scent, madly poetic and romantic. It is accompanied for the occasion by a raspberry. The smell of this small red fruit has been completely reproduced in the laboratory and the idea here is to bring a more juicy, fruity and tangy breath to the whole. For now, Paco Rabanne has nevertheless remained very evasive on the recipe for the new Lady Million Lucky and only these two main elements have been revealed. On the other hand, the sign has been more explicit about its muse.

Once again, Paco Rabanne has decided to trust the charm of Sophia Ahrens. Since 2017, the brand has called on this very influential model in the world to embody the image of this essence. Determined, daring, natural and sparkling, Sophia Ahrens has all of the Lady Million Lucky woman. Of German and English origin, this is a regular on the podiums who was spotted when she was only 12 years old.

The new bottle of Lady Million Lucky

If Lady Million Lucky has something to capsize your heart with its tangy and sparkling scent, it must be recognized that its bottle is not devoid of assets. Once again, Paco Rabanne bet on a diamond, a container whose shape is naturally imposed. Eternal, expressive, feminine and sparkling, it has everything to arouse lusts and arouse the wildest fantasies. Today, Lady Million Lucky has nevertheless exchanged its gold lacquer for a silver color. Only its transparent base reveals a gold-colored juice that can not be more solar and bewitching. Lady Million Lucky is sculpted through many facets. Its original shape allows it to sit at an angle and greatly facilitates its handling. Decidedly, you would be wrong to deprive yourself of this new lucky charm!

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