Clarins Eyes Waterproof Pencil

Clarins Eyes Waterproof Pencil
Clarins Eyes Waterproof Pencil
Clarins Eyes Waterproof Pencil

Clarins Waterproof Eyeliner for maximum softness and intensity

The Clarins house is considered one of the most beautiful French brands, and for good reason… It has been constantly improving its products for decades. Clarins does not content itself with offering make-up to temporarily embellish feminine beauty. Its ambition is to take lasting care of your skin to make you always more beautiful. Each of its products therefore contains an infinity of natural active ingredients. This means that Clarins is number one in top-of-the-range care in Europe. Today, it is at the heart of a Waterproof Eye Crayon that we invite you to rediscover all its know-how.

Clarins Waterproof Eye Crayon, an intense but tender product

The Clarins Waterproof Eye Pencil is astonishing in contrast. It displays extraordinary flexibility and offers an incredibly soft and creamy texture. Thus, it does not irritate the eyelid. However, it is loaded with pigments and offers incredible intensity. In addition, it comes in three different shades, which will allow you to vary the pleasures according to your desires. Its hold is exceptional and the Clarins Waterproof Eye Crayon intends to give your eyes more intensity. It can be worn alone and offer you a graphic and refined result, or be used to support the intensity of an eye shadow.

Clarins care in addition

At the same time, the Clarins Waterproof Eye Crayon contains natural active ingredients that take care of your skin. It is especially enriched with shea butter, an ingredient that will protect your eyelids from dehydration throughout the day. Likewise, shea butter acts as a natural barrier to protect your skin. It acts in particular against the harmful effects of free radicals. Shea butter has been used since Antiquity for its cosmetic virtues. In other words, it has a proven track record of regenerating and protective properties.

Clarins Eye Pencil, a waterproof product

Finally, know that the Eye Pencil is a waterproof makeup. In other words, it is perfectly resistant to humidity and, perspiration or excess sebum. It contains film-forming products and waxes which do not mix with water and which are not soluble. This greatly increases its toughness. Therefore, the Waterproof Eye Crayon is suitable for all occasions, even if you want to take the plunge in your pool. It is a product perfectly suited to hot summer days, and does not create any smudges. Therefore, the Waterproof Eye Crayon could well become the beauty ally of your next vacation.

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