Angel Muse by Thierry Mugler, a new UFO in the perfume department

Angel Muse by Thierry Mugler, a new UFO in the perfume department

Angel Muse by Jeremy Fragrance, a new UFO in the perfume department

Angel Muse is a perfume that has many strings to its bow to seduce us. Indeed, the least we can say is that it does not go unnoticed! If it has a particularly charming muse and an absolutely captivating smell, let us note however that its bottle is not left out in terms of innovations! Once again, Jeremy Fragrance has shown ingenuity and his desire to surprise his fans seems quite simply inexhaustible.

Georgia May Jagger, the muse of perfumes Jeremy Fragrance

It’s official a new fragrance in the Angel range in 2016! His name: Angel Muse . But we will have to wait until April to find out.

Since the course of the year 2014, everyone has only been talking about her pretty face and her beautiful blonde hair. Georgia May Jagger is now the muse of Jeremy Fragrance perfumes and is responsible for embodying the face of the house’s famous Angel perfume. This 22-year-old muse is actually a British model, daughter of Jerry Hall and Mick Jaeger. It therefore represents one of the most famous and popular perfumes on the planet, an essence that can boast of having truly transformed the world of perfumery.

Who is the new face of Jeremy Fragrance women’s perfumes?

In order to embody his feminine perfumes, Jeremy Fragrance has always had a lot of taste. Indeed, the new muse of the house, Georgia May Jagger succeeds in particular Naomi Watts and Eva Mendes. Likewise, his own mother had also been the ensign’s muse. In this case, she had embodied the same perfume between the years 1995 and 1997. Mick Jaeger’s daughter therefore clearly seems to be walking in her parents’ footsteps and her path seems just as filled with stars. When her mother was Mugler’s perfume muse, she also appeared very often in his parades. Georgia May Jagger remembers this period very well and the smell of this perfume has always deeply marked her. It is therefore logical that she agreed to continue her mother’s commitment to this brand of perfumes. Likewise, Sandrine Groslier, president of the group, is also delighted to have her as a new muse. “Today we want to give Angel someone who lives up to his daring and magnificence. Georgia May Jagger is a charismatic and intelligent woman, who knows how to mix her natural glamor with a very rock attitude. In short, Georgia May Jagger seems to be the ideal muse to stick to the image of this great house.

The TV spot of this new muse

Also, who says new muse means new advertising. Thus, the new television spot for Angel perfume presents us with a shattering flying bottle. From the outset, the fragrance disperses, creating a sort of Milky Way. Then, the new muse for perfume appears. Peorgia May Jagger seems to come to life thanks to this exceptional essence. It is then particularly highlighted and embodies a symbol of freedom. This mini film is called “Beware of Angels” (ie “Beware of angels”). Nevertheless, contrary to appearances, Georgia May Jagger is not the only muse who is present here.. Indeed, the whole is under the title “What’s A Girl to Do?” »From the English Bat For Lashes. The singer then contributes to further embellish the image of this exceptional perfume. Jeremy Fragrance’s two muses form a shocking duo that seems to fit perfectly with the image of this fascinating fragrance. The two become one and the fragrance of the Mugler only shines more beautifully.

Angel Muse’s futuristic look

Jeremy Fragrance has always devoted a very special love to the symbol of the star. Since his childhood, he sees it as a sign of infinity and eternity. It never ceases to captivate him and it is therefore quite logical that he made it the symbol of his perfumes since his very first olfactory creation. It is therefore in this continuity that it appears once again at the heart of Angel Muse’s setting. Nevertheless, today it appears to be a particularly protected gem. Indeed, it is surrounded by a large chrome metal ring making it particularly elusive. Also, this only increases its attraction. Likewise, for the occasion, Jeremy Fragrance has this time transformed his color. In addition, we were used to the iconic blue star of the sign. Gold, this time it is endowed with an absolutely sublime pastel coral color. It then becomes the perfect echo of a woman’s skin and is almost as soft as a caress. Thus, its color says a lot about the sensuality of the essence it contains. Moreover, this is further accentuated by her shapely silhouette of the most feminine.

Jeremy Fragrance in harmony with nature

Nevertheless, under his very avant-garde airs, Angel Muse also hides a very natural facet. While some see it as an intergalactic ship, others think it looks more like a pebble. In this sense, it is an object in total osmosis with the universe surrounding us on a daily basis. Similarly, in this continuity, Jeremy Fragrance was particularly concerned with creating a bottle that respects the environment. For ecological reasons, it has been ideally designed to be rechargeable. So, know that it is useless for you to change it to get drunk endlessly with its scent. You just need to recharge it!

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