New Les Beiges de Chanel Beautifier

New Les Beiges de Chanel Beautifier
New Les Beiges de Chanel Beautifier
New Les Beiges de Chanel Beautifier

The Chanel Belle Mine Embellisseur, the secret of radiance, comfort and beauty for your face!

The face is the part of your body most exposed to aggression. However, it is also the one that you would like to preserve as long as possible. To help you in this arduous task, the major cosmetic brands compete in inventiveness. They combine both their knowledge of make-up and their know-how in terms of cosmetics. Combining these two worlds, the house of Chanel has made an Embellisseur Belle Mine in its Les Beiges collection. All in transparency, this treatment ensures the skin more luminosity and radiance while reinforcing its comfort continuously.

Les Beiges Embellisher, an essential to reveal the beauty of your skin

Chanel’s Belle Mine Embellisseur is a new ally that could well magnify your face like no other product. All in transparency, it merges with your skin and reinforces its radiance, its luminosity as well as your comfort. In other words, it ensures its general appearance is acted with lightness and discretion. The Belle Mine Embellisseur leaves a thin film on the face and blurs all your small imperfections in a single pass. Thanks to it, your skin is instantly sublimated with an imperceptible luminous veil. Despite everything, Belle Mine Embellisher lets your skin breathe and visibly refines the texture of your epidermis. It does not provide any material effect and preserves optimal hydration of your face throughout the day. What’s more, it comes in different colors,

The rich texture of Les Beiges Chanel Belle Mine Embellisseur

Chanel Belle Mine Les Beiges Embellisher exudes a feeling of lightness. However, it contains a whole bunch of different products that work in complementary ways to preserve your beauty and the radiance of your skin. Healthy Glow Booster mineral pigments and Soft Focus powders serve to unify your face while giving it more radiance. Hyaluronic acid acts here to preserve the hydration of your epidermis. Kalanchoe leaf extract acts as a powerful antioxidant. Finally, an SPF 30 sun filter and a PA ++ filter protect your face from external aggressions and in particular UV rays. Thus, they preserve its youth as long as possible.

How to apply your Belle Mine Beautifier?

Chanel Belle Mine Embellisher is applied to a cleansed and dried face. It simply spreads out with your fingertips. To do this, all you need to do is place a small amount in the center of your face and spread the product from the inside to the outside. To further intensify its coverage, know that you can also apply it with the Chanel sponge brush for the complexion. Again, you just need to extend its fluid texture from the center of your face to its outline. This will give you an even more professional result.

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