New Azzaro, Chrome Under The Pole

Under The Pole, the masculine fragrance Chrome Azzarro
New Azzaro, Chrome Under The Pole
New Azzaro, Chrome Under The Pole

Under The Pole, Azzaro’s new version of Chrome

The Chrome Azzaro fragrance was born in 1996. It is based on two elements: water and azure, and connivance uniting Loris Azzaro in his little son. More than 20 years after its creation, it remains a timeless fragrance for men. It is therefore natural that the Azzaro brand decided to reinterpret it and make a new edition called Under The Pole. Prepare to unleash the adventurous spirit that lies within you. This is a real underwater expedition!

Chrome Under The Pole by Azzaro, the scent of an explorer

Under The Pole by Azzaro is not a simple perfume. It is an exploration. Thus, its conception seems to have been guided by a pioneering spirit, a desire to discover and live each moment with intensity. To be more precise, know that Under The Pole of Azzaro pushes the limits of underwater exploration. It has managed to preserve the DNA of its predecessor while further enhancing its aquatic aspect.

Under The Pole Chrome, a decidedly aquatic juice

On the olfactory level, Under The Pole has retained the signature of the previous Azzaro Chrome from 1996. Thus, it still has an aromatic woody accord associated with a fresh and powerful heart. His masculinity is lively and generous. However, the alcohol present in its original formula has been completely replaced by water. This incredible freshness is also materialized visually. Indeed, Under The Pole of Azzaro retains the silhouette of Chrome while having a blue color more explosive than ever. Its icy freshness, for its part, reappears through the clarity of its white cabochon. It is as if Azzaro offered us a trip to the heart of the sea , in the middle of the glaciers.

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