Roll-On Deodorant, the Clarins solution to take care of your skin

Roll-On Deodorant, the Clarins solution to take care of your skin
Roll-On Deodorant, the Clarins solution to take care of your skin
Roll-On Deodorant, the Clarins solution to take care of your skin

Clarins Roll-On Deodorant, an antiperspirant that takes care of your skin

The Clarins house is renowned the world over for its expertise in cosmetology. Particularly using plants and the benefits offered by nature, she demonstrates unparalleled knowledge in terms of care and respect for the epidermis. This has earned it the leading brand in high-end skincare products in Europe. So even when it comes to a simple deodorant, Clarins sets the bar very high and tries to increase your comfort as you use it. Focus on the Clarins Multi-Care Roll-On Deodorant.

Why do we sweat?

Sweating is a completely natural phenomenon. It helps regulate body temperature and acts like an air conditioner. To give you an idea, we sweat an average of 1/2 l to 1 l of water per day! Of course, certain factors such as physical effort, the sun, or strong emotions can accentuate this phenomenon. The sweat is then released by the sweat glands, and has absolutely no odor. In reality, it is the bacteria present on the surface of our skin that are responsible for this awkward and uncomfortable sensation. This is why deodorants act on several aspects at the same time. They regulate perspiration while ridding the skin of its annoying little bacteria.

The many advantages of Clarins Roll-On Multi-Care Deodorant

As the name of this deodorant suggests, it has more than one trick up its sleeve, and brings together several treatments in one product. First of all, it is great for people with sensitive skin because it does not contain alcohol. Thus, it is non-irritating. Several ingredients such as buchu leaf, witch hazel, and rosemary, help regulate perspiration. Clarins Roll-On Deodorant leaves the skin with a pleasant feeling of freshness. It makes it drier throughout the day while protecting the most vulnerable skins. It ensures the comfort of your skin and prevents tightness. In this sense, it is very effective after shaving or waxing. The Roll-On Multi-Care Deodorant is an antiperspirant. In other words, it not only conceals odors but regulates the process of sweating. TheClarins Roll-On Deodorant should be applied to clean, dry skin. Ideally, it is recommended to put it in the morning and evening. However, its small size allows it to be taken absolutely everywhere with you and to apply it if necessary during the day. Non-greasy and non-sticky, it is very pleasant and leaves no mark on clothes.

Rosemary at the heart of the Clarins Roll-On Multi-Care Deodorant formula

If several ingredients are used in this deodorant, rosemary is in the spotlight. This small shrub from the Mediterranean is renowned for its very fragrant scent. In the 16th century, it was consumed as a youth elixir. In cosmetics, it has been used for a very long time for its regenerating and moisturizing properties. Here, rosemary is therefore used to soothe the most sensitive skin. It acts as a real concentrate of sweetness.

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