Solarissimo Favignana, the new Azzaro fragrance

Azzaro's Solarissimo Favignana fragrance
Solarissimo Favignana, the new Azzaro fragrance
Solarissimo Favignana, the new Azzaro fragrance

Solarissimo Favignana d’Azzaro, the bottled Mediterranean sun

Born in Tunis, of Sicilian origin by his father and of Italian birth by his mother, Loris Azzaro does not miss an opportunity to highlight his origins. Thus, among its greatest natural attachments to the Mediterranean, the sun occupies a prominent place. Marked in his life by the omnipresence of blue and light. He decided to make a juice similar to the meeting of the sea and the sun. This is how Solarissimo Favignana was born .

Solarissimo Favignana, the third part of the Azzaro collection

Solarissimo Favignana follows on from two previous fragrances: Solarissimo Levanzo from 2016 and Solarissimo Marettimo from 2017. These three juices have in common to pay homage to the sun, one of the most appreciated natural elements of Loris Azzaro. “I am convinced that everyone wants one day or another to erase the everyday and the gray to dress in the sun,” he said, “even if it is for the night. I love the sun, I can’t do without it. It is therefore precisely all this enthusiasm for this majestic star that we find at the heart of this fragrance.

The warm scent of Solarissimo Favignana

As you can see, Solarissimo Favignana by Azzaro displays incomparable luminous radiance . Its oriental breath is both lemony and woody. Thus, Solarissimo Favignana immediately immerses us in the origins of Loris Azzaro and offers us the freshness of a Sicilian lemon. Then, a note of rum envelops the whole to make it more intoxicating. Finally, Solarissimo Favignana is the image of a name that does not lack character. All his masculinity is finally expressed in a darker, more structured and warm cedar.

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