Lip Milky Mousse, the Clarins solution for a greedy smile

Lip Milky Mousse, the Clarins solution for a greedy smile
Lip Milky Mousse, the Clarins solution for a greedy smile
Lip Milky Mousse, the Clarins solution for a greedy smile

The Lip Milky Mousse from Clarins, a world of indulgence on your smile!

In this winter period, the lips are put to the test. Indeed, the cold, the wind and the dryness of the air are all elements that weaken the very thin skin of your smile. Without proper protection, the lips tend to show ugly chapping. This is why we strongly advise you to apply a balm to them daily, to preserve all their health and beauty, as well as your skin comfort. The Lip Milky Mousse from the Clarins brand provides this protection perfectly. Its formula is only softness and gluttony, while depositing a subtle color on your mouth.

The sweet indulgence of Lip Milky Mousse

Lip Milky Mousse is a treatment that comes in a small flexible tube attached to a foam tip. Ideally designed to capture the right dose of product, this applicator facilitates the application of Lip Milky Mousse on your lips, while giving you an extreme feeling of softness. In a single pass, it provides a perfectly homogeneous finish. Available in six different colors, Lip Milky Mousse sublimates your skin and adapts to all skin tones. With it, the lips are enveloped in color and a satin and velvety finish. The Lip Milky Mousse creates a sublime peach-skin effect, while lightly blurring the lips to hide their small imperfections. However, despite its coverage, Lip Milky Mousse preserves a very airy and fresh texture, which is most comfortable to wear. Inspired by whipped cream,

The care assets contained in Lip Milky Mousse

Clarins Lip Milky Mousse relies on two main ingredients to protect your mouth over the long term.
Peach milk is a key ingredient in Clarins Lip Milky Mousse. Known for its fleshy and juicy flesh, peach is also very rich in vitamins. Therefore, it is a very revitalizing and regenerating ingredient. Its antioxidants also help it fight against oxidative stress caused by UV rays or external aggressions.

The Clarins anti-pollution complex

To this, Clarins also adds its patented anti-pollution complex. Did you know: polluting particles are one of the main sources of skin aging. However, urban spaces continue to expand. In this context, it becomes essential to protect your skin. The Clarins anti-pollution complex forms a kind of invisible film on the surface of your lips, which acts as a transparent shield to filter these harmful particles. Thus, the Lip Milky Mousse fights against the loss of radiance and micro-inflammations of the lips. Day after day, it makes your smile smoother and your skin more supple, while ensuring your skin comfort for hours.

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