La Laque Couture varnish Yves Saint Laurent

La Laque Couture varnish Yves Saint Laurent
La Laque Couture varnish Yves Saint Laurent
La Laque Couture varnish Yves Saint Laurent

Enhance your nails with Yves Saint-Laurent La Laque Couture Vernis

The Yves Saint-Laurent house attaches particular importance to femininity and refinement. Thus, nothing is too good to sublimate the beauty of women, and accompany them in their makeup ritual. However, let’s not forget that beauty doesn’t stop with the face. The enhancement of the hands is also very important. However, this is precisely why the Vernis La Laque Couture by Yves Saint-Laurent was developed. Today it is one of the brand‘s most emblematic makeup products.

The many advantages of Vernis La Laque Couture by Yves Saint-Laurent

Yves Saint-Laurent La Laque Couture Vernis is famous for its particularly intense color. Indeed, its formula is very concentrated in colored pigments. This gives it an extreme and bewitching glow. What’s more, Vernis La Laque Couture comes in a multitude of different colors. Some of them are must-haves. Others, on the other hand, are more daring and extravagant, such as sequins, great classics for the end of the year celebrations.

Its finish is extremely shiny and gives the effect of a particularly pure color. Vernis La Laque Couture is an essential product to reveal your style and femininity. Latest generation polymers are combined with micro-mirrors which ensure the intensity, depth and shine of this varnish.

Yves Saint-Laurent’s La Laque Couture Vernis will also seduce you with its ultra-fast drying. Finally, know that its formula is enriched with Chilean rose oil and calcium. In this way, Vernis La Laque Couture doesn’t just color your fingertips. It takes care of your nails and beautifies them in the long term.

How to apply La Laque Couture Vernis?

For a successful effect, however, a certain application process must be observed. Start by applying a primer to your nails in order to protect them, and to better adhere the varnish. Then cover it with two successive coats of Vernis La Laque Couture while respecting the drying time. Finish your manicure with a layer of top coat. This will protect your polish, make it shinier and help it hold longer without flaking.

Focus on La Laque Couture Summer 2017 Vernis

Finally, last minute scoops side, know that Yves Saint-Laurent has already unveiled what will be the next two colors of these varnishes for summer 2017. Two limited editions should see red. One of them, called “Jungle Orange, will take on a coral hue. The other, “Jungle Green” will deliver its lime green color. What is more, these two new colors will be embellished with a syrupy texture giving a new dimension to this product. These two shades that are both fresh and pop may well become must-haves for next summer. At least, you have been warned well in advance!

We knew until now in the makeup for nails Yves Saint Laurent La Laque YSL and the limited editions Manucure Couture. From now on, La Laque will be replaced by La Laque Couture, a new palette of 30 shades making up a complete library:

Yves Saint Laurent - La Laque Couture
Yves Saint Laurent – La Laque Couture

Lacquer Couture YSL

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Give in to the urge of color on the nails. Carry it as a standard. Couture to the tips of her nails, the YSL woman devotes herself to color. She wouldn’t go anywhere without this essential accessory, THE inseparable touch of an outfit. Besides, it changes varnish like bags or shoes. Insatiable, his hands take hold of the pure color like an Arty manifesto. Lloyd Simmonds Makeup Art Director Yves Saint Laurent signs the La Laque Couture collection.

Intense, Pure and Brilliant Color. Pleasure and Sensuality of Application …

Couture lacquer has an optimal formula. Pure color: high concentration of pigments. Extreme shine and hold: high-tech polymers combined with micro-mirrors provide deep intensity and lasting shine. Care: enriched with Chilean rose oils and calcium, its formula strengthens, protects and beautifies the nails. Express drying: structure memory formula allowing rapid drying in just a few minutes.

Minimalist, Graphic and Chic. Couture lacquer takes on a new design. Topped with a gold square branded with bistre Cassandre and a black ring, its glass bottle with contemporary lines displays the color and bears the name as a standard, like a manifesto. It uses the codes of the Couture franchise.

Fin, Précis, Caressant. La laque couture s’applique avec un pinceau breveté. Le vernis adhère parfaitement au pinceau pour un résultat intense et une application sans défaut. Telle une caresse, il glisse sur l’ongle pour délivrer un film fin et uniforme.

30 couleurs pour éveiller l’instinct de création.

YSL - La Laque Couture - Colors
YSL – La Laque Couture – Teintes

Véritable vernithèque, La Laque Couture compose un kaléidoscope de couleurs fétiches, inspirées des créations et du patrimoine artistique YSL telles que le bleu majorelle, le fuchsia intemporel, le noir smoking, le beige saharienne et aussi de teintes originales inspirées des nouvelles collections Couture Yves Saint Laurent désignées par Stefano Pilati.

  • 01 Rouge Pop Art – La Laque Couture
  • 02 Orange Fusion – La Laque Couture
  • 03 Orange Afrique – La Laque Couture
  • 04 Corail Colisée – La Laque Couture
  • 05 Corail Divin – La Laque Couture
  • 06 Rouge Dada – La Laque Couture
  • 07 Prune Minimale – La Laque Couture
  • 08 Fuchsia Cubiste – La Laque Couture
  • 09 Fuchsia Intemporel – La Laque Couture
  • 10 Fuchsia Néo-Classic – La Laque Couture
  • 11 Rose Futuriste – La Laque Couture
  • 12 Rose Renaissance – La Laque Couture
  • 13 Parme Graffiti – La Laque Couture
  • 14 Violine Surréaliste – La Laque Couture
  • 15 Violet Baroque – La Laque Couture
  • 16 Mauve Naïf – La Laque Couture
  • 17 Bleu Cobalt – La Laque Couture

    La Laque Couture - Nail Polish YSL
    La Laque Couture – Vernis à Ongles YSL
  • 18 Bleu Majorelle – La Laque Couture
  • 19 Brun Moderne – La Laque Couture
  • 20 Brun Parnasse – La Laque Couture
  • 21 Taupe Rétro – La Laque Couture
  • 22 Beige Léger – La Laque Couture
  • 23 Gris Déco – La Laque Couture
  • 24 Rose Abstrait – La Laque Couture
  • 25 Rose Romantique – La Laque Couture
  • 26 Blanc Symbolique – La Laque Couture
  • 27 Noir Primitif – La Laque Couture
  • 28 Bronze Aztec – La Laque Couture
  • 29 Doré Orfèvre – La Laque Couture
  • 30 Base et Top Coat Brillance Extrême – La Laque Couture

Lloyd Simmonds : « La collection La Laque Couture permet de s’approprier et de toucher du doigt l’univers de la Couture avec les couleurs emblématiques YSL. Et quelles couleurs inspirantes ! Des rouges, fuchsias, oranges mais aussi de l’or, du noir.

Des couleurs historiques, siglées, qui sont devenues de grands classiques de la Maison et du patrimoine de la Mode. Et dans une infinité de déclinaisons. Selon les tendances des saisons, de nouvelles couleurs viendront enrichir la Vernithèque. »

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