Lip Liner YSL Lip Design

Lip Liner YSL Lip Design
Lip Liner YSL Lip Design
Lip Liner YSL Lip Design

Yves Saint-Laurent Lip Liner Design for Lips, for a successful and tenacious lip contour

The mouth is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful assets of seduction of the women. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to know how to highlight it… This is why the Yves Saint-Laurent house has created the Lip Liner Dessin des Lèvres . This lip contour pencil contains many qualities. It helps your makeup stay on longer, prevents color from escaping, and precisely defines the outline of your mouth to bring out the most beautiful aspects.

The advantages of Lip Liner Drawing of the lips

Lip Liner Lip Drawing is a lip contour pencil. So far, nothing new you might say … On the other hand, it displays exemplary coverage and tenacity. Indeed, the Lip Liner Design of the Lips has been studied by the Yves Saint-Laurent house to last at least six consecutive hours. Its color is rich in many pigments. Thus, it is absolutely radiant and goes wonderfully with the many colors of Yves Saint-Laurent lipsticks.

Indeed, Lip Liner Design of the Lips comes in many shades. It displays shades of pink, red, mauve or coral; enough to match all your makeup! It comes in an elegant black case, simply screen-printed with the initials of the house YSL . A small headband also decorates its base to recall the color it contains.

Very practical, the Lip Liner Design of the Lips fits easily in any handbag and allows makeup touch-ups throughout the day. Its velvety and creamy texture glides perfectly on the lips to create a clean and precise line. Soft, it allows you to create dream makeup, both clean and long-lasting. The Lip Liner Lip Design promises to become your best asset if you want above all to improve the hold of your lipstick and not see it slip through the folds of your skin.

Application advice from the Yves Saint-Laurent house

First of all, know that it is essential to have a good basis to obtain a convincing result. In other words, it is necessary to take care of your mouth daily by moisturizing and exfoliating it. This will prevent you from having many dead skin on its surface which would alter the final rendering of your makeup. Then, start by drawing a line of Lip Liner Drawing Lips at the level of Cupid’s bow.

Then draw the corners of your lips, taking care to apply pencil in the folds of your mouth. Indeed, it is generally in this area that the make-up drools. Finish with the rest of the contour of your lips.

Do not hesitate to also fill your mouth a little with the Lip Liner Drawing Lips in order to increase, again, the hold of your lipstick. All you have to do is apply your classic makeup to cover everything and enhance your mouth.

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