L’Homme Prada, available in a new box

L’Homme Prada, available in a new box
Prada's new perfume icon: L'Homme, available in a box
Prada’s new perfume icon: L’Homme, available in a box

The Prada man, the new Prada icon in a box

Prada has created a new fragrance duo: La Femme Prada and L’Homme Prada. For Miuccia Prada: “There is the idea of ​​La Femme Prada and L’Homme Prada , but in reality, they don’t exist. There are many. With its essences, the Prada brand aims to address all of humanity in its greatest diversity. Thus, L’Homme Prada reinterprets the classic scent of a fern and immerses it in a more urban modernity. This time, L’Homme Prada is revealed in a new box , both refined and confusing.

Prada transforms a great classic in perfumery

The fern olfactory category is particularly popular in men’s perfumery. Prada was therefore inspired to make L’Homme Prada. Nevertheless, she also transformed it into a more urban and current essence. The fern thus gains in richness, sensuality and depth. It takes off on an airy smell of neroli, associated with the impertinence of geranium and pepper. Patchouli, meanwhile, gives more structure to this fragrance. The iris reinforces its powdery appearance and its refinement. Finally, the shade comes to make its breath more round, suave and warm. The result is an airy but wildly sensual fragrance.

The gasoline box; The Prada man

If L’Homme Prada is an astonishing perfume, its box set is no exception. Black in color, it displays a particularly masculine look. However, his sobriety stops there! Its front face is decorated with an unexpected robot which signifies all the audacity and modernity of Prada. For the occasion, L’Homme Prada is delivered to us in a 50 ml spray bottle. It comes with the L’Homme Prada shower gel as a gift. Thus, its smell will never leave you and will dress you from head to toe!


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