Eau de Lacoste for Her L.12.12

Eau de Lacoste for Her L.12.12
Eau de Lacoste for Her L.12.12
Eau de Lacoste for Her L.12.12

Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 perfumes for women

Today, who thinks of Lacoste also thinks of the world of Tennis. Indeed, the famous Lacoste polo shirt that we all know was invented by the player René Lacoste in 1933 who wanted to create a more comfortable shirt to practice this sport. Likewise, the little crocodile acting as a logo also owes its appearance to this character who has been nicknamed “the Crocodile”, because of his tenacity on the tennis courts. However, if all the soul of the 1930s is still very much present within the house of Lacoste, one thing has indeed changed: more and more women are becoming famous in this discipline and it was then quite obvious. made it fashionable to create a product for them that lived up to their talent. It is therefore in this spirit that Lacoste decided to make a version of its famous Eau de Lacoste L.12.12,

Lacoste, a brand that promotes naturalness

The green water bottle contains the most natural fragrance. This juice is very authentic and warm. It starts with a fruit emulsion. This combines pineapple with raspberry leaf and tangerine. The heart, on the other hand, is more powdery. We find jasmine and rose so delicately feminine. Finally, the scent closes on the coconut which gives it its warmth. What is more, as if to sublimate the whole and leave a more tenacious trail, Lacoste has also added sandalwood and amber.

The elegance of Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 white

The white version is more classic but is no less relevant. Very elegant, it asserts itself and is designed for confident women. Its head is very lively and somewhat citrusy. It contains citrus oils, blackcurrant buds and pink pepper. His heart, meanwhile, associates mimosa, lily of the valley and violet. He is then very soft and his femininity exalts. Finally, all its sensuality is revealed in its wake, mixing the roundness of vanilla with vetiver.

The Rose version of Lacoste smiles on life

The juice contained in the pink Lacoste case is undeniably the happiest of all. Moreover, gourmets will be delighted: its heart is nothing but a mixture of macaroon and cotton candy. Here we are, in the middle of a funfair of yesteryear, so “Frenchy” and so irresistible! Very cheerful and dapper, this fragrance opens with a very fruity aspect associating mandarin and red apple. The background, meanwhile, spices the whole thing up. Patchouli is then confronted with vetiver and cashmere musk, thus leaving a tenacious and subtly woody scent.

With these new Eau de Lacoste perfumes for Elle L.12.12, Lacoste is aimed at all women. Each will find its account and a little of its character. Also, whether it is to play sports or to mingle with all the elegance of social life, you no longer have any excuse not to proudly display a Lacoste essence.

While Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have once again come up against each other in a final at the Basel tournament, Lacoste decides to stay in the world of tennis by offering us its feminine fragrance from the very L 12.12 range. borrowing from this atmosphere.

The fragrances are elegant, sparkling and natural, just like the Lacoste woman. In addition, the perfume comes in three different versions, although they borrow from the same universe. Thus, every woman should find her happiness there. Small additional clarification: each of them is available in 90 ml format.

The world of perfume tennis L. 12. 12

Who does not know the famous Lacoste crocodile? This emblematic logo of the brand, designed by the famous tennis champion René Lacoste, has become very well known and appreciated around the world. For the anecdote, the embroidered little animal finds its origin in the nickname which had been attributed to its creator. Indeed, he was nicknamed “the Crocodile” because of his tenacity on the tennis courts. In 1933, René Lacoste made a jersey tennis shirt. This was immediately noticed because it appeared very comfortable and very innovative for the time. In fact, it was the famous Lacoste polo shirt that we all know today. In this case, this polo shirt remained very popular in the world of tennis and the Lacoste brand has become synonymous with quality, performance and innovation. However, she knew how to remain simple and elegant naturally. Also, on the strength of this know-how, Lacoste decided to launch into perfumery. Of course, the spirit of the brand remains very present in its perfumes and the crocodile is indeed affixed to the bottle. Also, when we look at the feminine version, these pastel-colored boxes have no trouble representing the famous little pleated skirt that is essential for this sport.

The three feminine perfumes of Lacoste

Eau de Lacoste perfumes for Elle Natural, Sparkling and Elegant
Eau de Lacoste perfumes for Elle Natural, Sparkling and Elegant

With this fragrance, Lacoste has imagined a variation of three versions corresponding to the different states of mind of the Lacoste woman.

Eau de Lacoste for Her Elegant

Also, the white box is very elegant. Designed for women who are confident in themselves, it is quite classic and very relevant. In this case, it is composed of citrus oils, blackcurrant buds, and pink pepper. His head is therefore particularly lively. Its heart is more watered down and the mimosa brings a touch of softness and femininity. It then mingles with violet and the lightness of lily of the valley. Its base, on the other hand, is very sensual and warm. Vetiver is associated with vanilla which gives it all its roundness.

Eau de Lacoste for Elle Sparkling

La version rose, quant à elle, a décidé de sourire à la vie. Elle apparait comme état très gaie et pimpante. De plus, elle est considérée comme étant très « frenchy » ! En effet, son cœur contient un produit bien de chez nous : le macaron…  Et les gourmandes seront ravies d’apprendre que ce dernier se mêle à la barbe à papa.  La composition s’ouvre toutefois sur des notes plus fruitées de mandarine et de pomme rouge. Puis, vient le fond plus épicé dans lequel on retrouve le patchouli, le vétiver et le musc cachemire.

Eau de Lacoste pour Elle Natural

Finally, the green water Lacoste is more natural, authentic and warm. Its departure includes pineapple, raspberry leaf and tangerine. It couldn’t be more fruity. Its heart blends powdery notes of jasmine and rose. Finally, the warmth of coconut is enhanced by sandalwood and amber.

In short, Lacoste has thought of everything and especially everyone!

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