L’Homme Rochas, the new charismatic essence signed Rochas

L’Homme Rochas, the new charismatic essence signed Rochas
L'Homme Rochas, the charismatic fragrance of a gentleman
L’Homme Rochas, the new charismatic essence signed Rochas

L’Homme Rochas, the charismatic fragrance of a gentleman

For a long time, men scented very little. However, in recent decades, men’s perfumery has experienced a real boom. In question ? The male coquetry desires. Forget the cave bears of yesteryear and make way for real gentlemen! This is precisely how the new Rochas perfume was conceived. Designed as an elegant, romantic and seductive city dweller, L’Homme Rochas is one of the most anticipated essences of 2020. So, how about meeting this new charmer?

L’Homme Rochas offers himself an elegant bottle

With its bottle, L’Homme Rochas immediately sets the scene. Its bottle is both virile and imposing, while preserving a deep delicacy. L’Homme Rochas reveals his authentic personality to us in a bluish setting. Its color echoes universal masculinity, while embellishing some more contemporary steel details. Its name is inscribed on a gray plate on its front face. Its imposing hood protects its precious elixir. The seal of the Rochas house, meanwhile, is engraved in its base, as if to mark its indelible membership in the great Rochas family. Finally, a small detail that is important: the glass of the L’Homme Rochas bottle is streaked. Far from being a coincidence, this element recalls the iconic Rochas Miller motif, present in all the linings of the brand’s jackets.

All the power of L’Homme Rochas in a fiery recipe

L’Homme Rochas is a perfume that does not lack temperament and whose powerful scent is rich in multiple contrasts. First of all, its composition is fresh and fruity. It contains blood orange and pineapple. Cardamom immediately brings a more spicy touch to its top notes, while creating a more oriental atmosphere here. Then, the heart of L’Homme Rochas is greener. Its aromatic elegance is revealed in a floral harmony of geranium and basil. Juniper berries mark a more refreshing turn here. Little by little, L’Homme Rochas nevertheless displayed his virility. Very masculine, it ends with a duo of patchouli and tonka bean.

L’Homme Rochas, a city charmer

L’Homme Rochas is part of a very urban and contemporary spirit. However, do not be fooled by the apparent sobriety of its bottle. In reality, he is a charmer who likes to play with his sensuality. L’Homme Rochas leaves no one indifferent and intends to turn women’s heads! Resolutely masculine, this fragrance is the symbol of a contemporary gentleman. He embodies the ideal we have of masculinity. The Rochas house describes its new composition as “a neo French lover with unfailing charm”. The ideal son-in-law of mothers-in-law, accomplished lover for women and ideal for men, L’Homme Rochas makes everyone agree and no one seems to be able to resist him!

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