Libre, the new Yves Saint Laurent fragrance

Free the feminine fragrance YSL
Libre, the new Yves Saint Laurent fragrance
Libre, the new Yves Saint Laurent fragrance

Libre, new sensual and daring fragrance from Yves Saint-Laurent

Yves Saint-Laurent was one of the greatest designers of the last century. Although having considerably marked his time, he never sought to follow the trends. Rather, he created his own fashion, showing himself to be a free man, a bit rebellious and very daring. To pay tribute to this overflowing creativity, while sublimating the women of today, the brand bearing its name today has chosen to create a feminine perfume that goes beyond the traditional codes of perfumery. This is how the new essence Libre by Yves Saint-Laurent was born .

Libre, a bold manifesto for women today

Libre by Yves Saint-Laurent is an essence that was designed in the image of women today. As Yves Saint-Laurent’s new muse, Dua Lipa, explains, “for a woman in 2019, being free goes without saying. We live by our own rules ”. However, this is precisely what this perfume is all about. Moreover, Libre by Yves Saint-Laurent is based on an unusual structure. This is a fern, a category of perfume traditionally reserved for men, revisited with a very feminine heart. The Yves Saint-Laurent house likes to say that this perfume is “as clean and vertical as a tuxedo with a clean cut, as a leg perched on a stiletto heel. A ray of light. A flame. A shout “.

Dua Lipa, muse of the fragrance Libre YSL
Dua Lipa, muse of the fragrance Libre YSL

Dua Lipa, for her part, says she is in perfect agreement with this fragrance. “For me,” she says, “what matters most is having self-confidence, being strong and powerful. Be yourself without ever accepting any compromise, act as you want, believe in what you want, always be proud of what you do, and I have the feeling that all these convictions agree perfectly with the philosophy of the new Yves Saint-Laurent perfume ”.

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Closeup of Yves Saint-Laurent, a floral lavender in a bottle of light

More concretely, this irrepressible desire for freedom is materialized by a floral and Mediterranean fragrance, essentially based on the power of lavender. This oriental fern begins with a lively and fruity combination of tangerine, blackcurrant and petitgrain. Lavender then continues its journey in a much more floral heart, illuminated with jasmine and orange blossom. Little by little, the vanilla from Madagascar comes to coat everything with its suave breath, while the ambergris and musk give it a more animal side. To structure it all, a note of cedar sublimates the Libre fragrance with a woody glow, amplifying the tenacity of an ensemble.

Libre d’Yves Saint-Laurent is also presented in a beautiful bottle. Its glass bottle is decorated with a luxurious accessory: the famous Cassandre by Yves Saint-Laurent, the brand’s logo, encrusted in its glass like a golden jewel. Overcoming its glass walls, gold chains and a black lacquered cap adorn the Libre perfume . Asymmetrical, this stopper is both sober and surprising, reflecting on its own all the contrasts of this perfume between the masculine and the feminine.

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