Lierre & Bois, the fragrance of nature according to Berdoues

Lierre & Bois, the fragrance of nature according to Berdoues
Lierre & Bois, the fragrance of nature according to Berdoues
Lierre & Bois, the fragrance of nature according to Berdoues

Lierre & Bois, a lush fragrance is part of Berdoues’ 1902 collection

Berdoues is one of the most authentic perfume brands there is. At its head, four generations of passionate perfumers have succeeded one another and who have passed on a know-how rich in traditions. Today, Sophie Berdoues has decided to pay homage to them, by making a collection called 1902. Composed of five fragrances, this refreshing blend is inspired by the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear, enriched with a touch of originality for more modernity. Let us take a look here at the Lier & Bois fragrance from the Berdoues house , undoubtedly the most vegetal.

Lier & Bois, a fragrance that smells of nature

Lierre & Bois de Berdoues, as its name suggests, is a fragrance that plays on contrasts, while having a common thread: nature. First, the ivy brings it all its freshness. It appears from its top notes and makes the whole very green and invigorating. Then, the wood comes to structure the whole to make it a warmer essence. In addition, there are other elements. The heart of Lierre & Bois is enriched with spices. On the one hand, pink pepper, the hot spice par excellence, warms the atmosphere. On the other hand, cardamom displays an indomitable but colder temperament. Amber makes the base of this perfume more sulphurous, while pairing with white musks. Finally, for more elegance, Lierre & Bois ends with a floral touch of iris,

The timeless bottle from Maison Berdoues

As it is a question here of evoking the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear, Lierre & Bois is presented in a timeless bottle. No one can say if this bottle belongs to contemporary times or if it comes directly from an apothecary of the last century. Forming a thick glass cylinder, the Lierre & Bois bottle captivates us with its green color, directly inspired by ivy leaves. On its front face, a white label bears the date 1902. The whole is topped by a more modern chrome cap. In a 100 ml spray bottle, this unisex perfume comes wrapped in a cardboard box that seems to have been hand-penciled with small green ivy leaves.

Why 1902?

If you were still wondering about the choice of the date 1902, know that it is indeed the year of foundation of Berdoues. Through this collection, Sophie Berdoues, current director of the eponymous company, wished to pay tribute to her elders, and more particularly to Pierre and Guillaume Berdoues who founded the brand in Toulouse at the beginning of the 20th century. “The 1902 Eau de Toilette collection constitutes a unique and authentic olfactory universe,” she says, where each fragrance sublimates the richness of nature with a modern note. […] Having made its first appearance in the form of an Eau de Cologne, the classic 1902 is today the starting point of a collection of eau de toilette, where each composition is a modern and authentic interpretation of this that nature has to offer better ”

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