Yves Saint Laurent – Kouros Silver

Yves Saint Laurent – Kouros Silver
Yves Saint Laurent - Kouros Silver
Yves Saint Laurent – Kouros Silver

34 years after the launch of the original Kouros eau de toilette launched in 1981 and Body Kouros in 2000. In 2015, Yves Saint Laurent perfumes are expanding the Kouros YSL range with a new male fragrance:

Kouros Silver

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Perfume – Kouros Silver

The Maison Yves Saint Laurent wishes to embody the modern hero with the Kouros Silver perfume. This new fragrance has fresher notes than the original fragrance. Perfumers Michel Girard and Olivier Pescheux have mixed an apple accord with woody, amber and sage notes.

“The olfactory writing of Kouros Silver reflects the evolution of male perfumery: formerly very“ hygienic ”, but now multifaceted: freshness, power, sensuality (…) The challenge was to respect the sensual and powerful DNA of the original perfume , while bringing innovation and a modern vision in line with the expectations of today’s people ” Michel Girard and Olivier Pescheux

Bottle – Kouros Silver

The bottle of this new perfume takes the shape of the original Kouros bottle. In a contemporary spirit, a metallic gray replaces the white color of the bottle of the first perfume launched in 1981. As the name of this new fragrance “Silver” suggests, the gray color is omnipresent to give a powerful, virile and stylish bottle to the bottle. image of this new juice.

In 1981, when the Kouros perfume was launched, Yves Saint Laurent wanted to embody man’s masculinity and sensuality. A Kouros being the statue of a naked young man, standing, facing front, the left foot forward, the arms stretched out alongside the body, characteristic of archaic Greek sculpture.

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