YSL – Touche Eclat gift set

YSL – Touche Eclat gift set
YSL - Touche Eclat gift set
YSL – Touche Eclat gift set

A radiant complexion, an intense look.

Brighten and magnify your complexion and your eyes with the iconic Touche Éclat pen, a revered product by make-up artists.

Touche Eclat YSL gift set

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The Touche Eclat gift set by Yves Sait Laurent contains:

– A Touche Éclat N ° 02 Ivoire Lumière,
– A Mini Mascara Volume Effect False Lashes N ° 01 Black High Density.

YSL – Eclat Key

Touche Eclat Yves Saint Laurent
Touche Eclat Yves Saint Laurent

Its exclusive formula, which comes in several shades, illuminates and magnifies the complexion touch by touch.

Buy Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat inexpensively at Fragrenza Perfumes.

With one click, the pen erases shadow areas on the sides of the nose, the corners of the lips and expression lines; it awakens the gaze and brings it freshness and light. The ultimate trick is to always keep it in your bag: a great classic, smart and practical.

Click two or three times to permeate the brush. Awaken your complexion: Apply TOUCHE ÉCLAT on the shadowy areas of your face: dark circles, sides of the nose, corners of the lips, hollow of the chin, expression lines ?? Blend with your fingertips.

You erase your fatigue and instantly regain radiance! Sculpt the light: Draw a ribbon on the midline of the face (in the middle of the forehead, the bridge of the nose, the tip of the chin, the top of the cheekbones) to highlight the face and perfect the texture of the skin.

Illuminate your eyes: Apply TOUCHE ÉCLAT on the mobile eyelid, the brow bone, the inner corner of the eye: the hold and radiance of the eye shadow will be intensified.

Create a luscious mouth: Smooth the outline of your lips with TOUCHE ÉCLAT, then apply your lipstick: your mouth will be much more sensual ?? Revive the radiance of your makeup: At any time, TOUCHE ÉCLAT comes to the aid of your makeup. You can also soak a cotton swab in it to erase mistakes in applying a pencil or lipstick.

TOUCHE ÉCLAT blends with a day cream, a base, a foundation or a powder, and thus allows retouching, at any time, without creating over-addition. All skin types. Tested under dermatological control.

YSL – False Eyelash Effect Volume Mascara

YSL False Eyelash Effect Volume Mascara
YSL False Eyelash Effect Volume Mascara

The intensity of the gaze without artifice.

Buy YSL False Eyelash Effect Volume Mascara at a low price on Fragrenza Perfumes.

Its secret: the triple coating film complex for intensity, conditioner for the curling effect, fixer for fidelity and a brush that combines different nylon fibers to optimize volumizing power.

Mascara Volume Effect False Eyelashes, a mythical make-up product from Yves Saint Laurent, now adopts an improved texture enriched with care that stays fresh until the last drops. An intense volume that is always impeccable day after day.

Application tips:

Place the brush as close as possible to the lashes. Stretch the brush towards the tip of the eyelashes, going towards the outside of the eye.

Remove any excess mascara on the brush before applying makeup to the lower lashes.

Ophthalmologically tested suitable for sensitive eyes and lens wearers.

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