L’Extase, a fragrance of desire signed by Nina Ricci

L’Extase, a fragrance of desire signed by Nina Ricci
L'Extase, a fragrance of desire signed by Nina Ricci
L’Extase, a fragrance of desire signed by Nina Ricci

L’Extase is a resolutely feminine fragrance by Nina Ricci . He is particularly disturbing and highly sensual. In this case, it is a bouquet of white flowers enhanced with a musky and amber touch. The rendering of this essence then becomes very seductive.

The olfactory embodiment of Ecstasy

Ecstasy goes beyond simple perfume. This fragrance is both instinctive and mysterious. With her, Nina Ricci seems more than ever to want to support women in their wildest desires. Sensuality is revisited here in a particularly poetic way. Femininity then wants to be inhabited by eroticism. She is free, determined and incandescent. Ecstasy is a real second skin. This scent seems to give rise to chills wherever it lands. It perfectly combines desire and pleasure. It would then be enough to close your eyes to be overwhelmed with emotions until you reach a kind of carnal and imaginary paradise … In short, a real moment of Ecstasy!

The carnal scent of Nina Ricci

In order to make this exceptional juice, Nina Ricci called on the talented perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. In order to achieve this fragrance evocative of desire, he simply built a very contrasting fragrance. Ecstasy is especially full of power and mystery . On the one hand, femininity is built around a rose and a huge bouquet of white flowers. These floral scents are then as soft as a satin caress. Nevertheless, they are juxtaposed with a darker, musky side. The latter is full of benzoin from Siam, cedar from Virginia, amber and musks. The whole gives off a scent that is both prudish and yet so erotic. This double personality then only reinforces the seductive aspect of this new particularly carnal juice.

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