Montblanc – Lady Emblem

Montblanc – Lady Emblem
Lady Emblem by Montblanc
Lady Emblem by Montblanc

Montblanc presents a feminine version of its Emblem fragrance launched in 2014, a sophisticated and sensual fragrance with a floral fruity woody trail

Lady Emblem

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Montblanc: of course, this great brand is not unknown to you. Except this time there is no question of pens. Indeed, if the famous house is known for its seriousness and its finesse in the matter, it seems that its know-how also stands out in the field of perfumery. Present in the field since 2001, she presented us among other things her perfume for men Emblem in the spring of 2014. We were therefore wondering when her female counterpart would see the light of day; well it’s done! Montblanc has just released its feminine version Lady Emblem. The Montblanc man wanted to be virile, strong and powerful; his wife will be sophisticated, classy and glamorous.

Montblanc takes us into a floral, woody and fruity universe

Lady Emblem opens with very precisely measured sweet touches. Far from being too gurly, this fragrance remains very classy although it offers us first of all very gourmet notes of redcurrant, peaches and red fruits. Added to this is the scent of rose, flowery and delicate. The middle note, on the other hand, is more intense and woody. Its sandalwood gives it warmth and makes it an oriental scent, while the patchouli gives it more chypre aspects. Its rosewood, for its part, gives richness and naturalness to its floral tones. Indeed, this rare ingredient is mainly used in luxury fine perfumery. It makes Lady Emblem a very high-end fragrance that fits perfectly with the style of the house of Montblanc. Then, at the end, Lady Emblem leaves behind a powerful scent, animal and sensual thanks to the musk it contains. Finally, Elle ends our olfactory journey as we had started: we once again find sweet, delicate and delicious notes; this time it is the raspberry.

Lady Emblem is not only a perfume, it is also a jewel

Now let’s move on to his bottle. It presents itself as a magnificent jewel and would almost suffice on its own. This rose tinted diamond fits perfectly with the image of the MontBlanc house. Indeed, the range of Montblanc sets consists mainly of white and pink gold jewelry enhanced by diamonds. Both elegant and prestigious, the bottle of Lady Emblem is a precious jewel that one would never cease to contemplate. Having the shape of a flower, it subtly gives us the desire to open it to discover its substance, a bit like a rosebud that would bloom before our eyes to reveal the sensuality of its petals, velvety feel and dazzling color. This is reminiscent of one of the brand’s three feminine jewelry lines. Indeed,
Halfway between the jewel, the perfume or the rose bouquet, it therefore seems that Lady Emblem has all the assets in hand to get everyone to agree.

Fragrance – Lady Emblem

The fragrance opens with notes of currants, rose, peach, and red fruit jam. The heart is more intense thanks to a woody accord composed of sandalwood, patchouli and rosewood. The base is composed of musk and raspberry.

Montblanc Collection de Bijoux Emblem Ladies
Montblanc Collection de Bijoux Emblem Ladies

Inspirations – Lady Emblem

The perfume echoes the collection of jewelry from the house of Montblanc Emblem which is characterized by jewelry in white and rose gold sublimated by diamonds, this collection offers three different feminine styles of jewelry synonymous with elegance and prestige. The Emblem jewelry collection for women draws its inspiration from the “Intertwined petals” motif which symbolizes the delicate blooming of the rose, revealing the sensuality of these petals with a velvety touch and voluptuous softness.

Bottle – Lady Emblem

The bottle is a representation of a rose tinted diamond, a real precious jewel containing an elegant and glamorous fragrance, emanating the soul and all the know-how of the craftsmen who participated in its design. Lady Emblem will become part of your own history and the bottle will be the symbol of an invisible link between the soul of the Montblanc house and yours.

Olfactory Family: Floral – Fruity – Woody

Top notes: Currants, Rose, Peach, Red Fruit Jam

Heart Notes: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Rosewood Base

Notes: Musk, Raspberry

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