Instant Perfect Sisley’s Dazzling Makeup

Instant Perfect Sisley’s Dazzling Makeup
Instant Perfect Sisley's Dazzling Makeup
Instant Perfect Sisley‘s Dazzling Makeup

Instant Perfect by Sisley, a corrective treatment for dazzling makeup

The daily life of women today is more and more like a race against time. Between the management of children, personal development, hobbies and career, it is not always easy to find a few minutes to allow yourself to have fun. However, we attach great importance to our beauty. Well aware of women’s lack of time but of their desire to be attractive, the Sisley house has created a minute treatment that illuminates the face and obtains dazzling makeup. Focus on Sisley Instant Perfect Corrective Care.

Instant Perfect by Sisley, what is it?

Instant Perfect by Sisley is a treatment that corrects skin imperfections and sublimates the skin in a single pass. It allows you to achieve a flash beauty and does real prowess in just a few minutes. Thus, it makes the happiness of all women in a hurry today. It can be used in addition to makeup or on bare skin. With a snap of the fingers, it fills in wrinkles and fine lines and helps unify the skin surface. At the same time, it camouflages small pigment irregularities and blurs them by diffusion of light. The Corrective Care Instant Perfectby Sisley is also a delight for all women whose skin tends to grease quickly. It fights against excess sebum, reduces shine and dilated pores. Instant Perfect Correcting Care conceals small imperfections and helps you camouflage traces of fatigue by reducing shadow areas on your skin. Its emulsion-gel texture is both fresh and velvety. Know that in addition to correcting skin irregularities, Instant Perfect is also an excellent makeup base that increases its hold while refining your skin texture.

The care assets contained in Instant Perfect

At the same time, the Instant Perfect Corrective Care benefits from all of Sisley’s skincare expertise. Its formula brings together several natural active ingredients that help your skin to be lasting more beautiful. Vegetable glycerin ensures the comfort and hydration of your face. Soy Peptide Extract is used to fill and smooth wrinkles over the long term. Finally, to avoid irritation and tightness sensations, frangipani extract soothes the skin.

How is the Instant Perfect Corrective Care applied?

Instant Perfect Correcting Care is applied locally to fine lines and wrinkles, shadow areas or small imperfections. It is used directly after your day care and before your makeup. Likewise, it can be applied in touch-ups during the day. If your skin starts to glow, it will considerably reduce your excess sebum. Sisley Instant Perfect Correcting Care is the ultimate minute care that will never leave you and that will do little wonders on your face.

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