L’Aurore, the new luminous moment L’Air du Temps

L’Aurore, the new luminous moment L’Air du Temps
L'Aurore, the new luminous moment L'Air du Temps
L’Aurore, the new luminous moment L’Air du Temps

If you are a fan of perfume news, you will know that the house of Nina Ricci had already made a lot of talk, in 2016, with the reinterpretation of its iconic fragrance L’Air du Temps . Indeed, the brand had already delivered three versions of this cult essence called L’Aube , Le Zénith and Le Crépuscule . In this continuity, Nina Ricci reveals to us this time a new luminosity. This is at the start of the day and this time is called L’Aurore. Presented as a limpid and floral fragrance, this one is endowed with all the grace that we know from the Nina Ricci brand.

The limpid freshness of L’Air du Temps L’Aurore

Nina Ricci likes to describe her new fragrance as being the symbol of a “landscape in which the morning dew merges with the emerging light”. This symbolizes the moment when the dawn is suspended, just before the full light of day arises. Thus, this juice delivers us the freshness of the early morning. It is rich with limpid clarity. Moreover, it is displayed as soon as it starts. In addition, L’Air du Temps L’Aurore immediately blends the luminosity of orange blossom with the sweet bitterness of grapefruit. However, it seems that the woman Nina Ricci does not lack temperament! Thus, the whole is quickly tickled with pink pepper. Then, it is a more gourmet and fruity heart based on figs that makes its entry. This one draws all its femininity in the presence of Damascus rose. Finally,

A perfume signed Calice Becker

To make this creation, the house Nina Ricci called on the designer Calice Becker. An emblematic figure of current perfumery, it is astonishingly creative. Indeed, Calice Becker seems capable of creating everything, whether it is niche fragrances or blockbusters. If today we owe him a multitude of bestsellers, each of them has its signature: orange blossom. As such, L’Air du Temps L’Aurore is no exception to the rule. It is a very bright scent, absolutely like Calice Becker likes them.

The bottle of Nina Ricci revisited with modernity

Finally, note that L’Air du Temps L’Aurore would be nothing without its splendid bottle. This is inspired by the box made in 1951 by Marc Lalique. It has the same shape as before and consists of a base forming a glass swirl. Entirely designed in a powder pink color, this container is particularly feminine. It was once topped by two doves as a peace. These have now been enhanced by Maison Lemarié, a brand specializing in plumasserie since 1880. Its creativity, technicality and expertise make it one of the world’s leading experts in this sector. More than ever, thanks to their know-how, L’Air du Temps L’Aurore gives us all its poetry.

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