Clarins Dilated Anti-Pore Serum

Clarins Dilated Anti-Pore Serum
Clarins Dilated Anti-Pore Serum
Clarins Dilated Anti-Pore Serum

Clarins Anti-Pore Dilated Serum, the care of oily skin

Everyone is different, and while some of us suffer from dry, tight skin, others tend to have overly oily skin. In this context, Clarins undertakes a great deal of research to improve its knowledge of the skin and always improve its existing products a little more. Today, she focuses more specifically on the epidermis whose pores are naturally dilated, and whose appearance is quickly greasy and shiny. Focus on its Anti-Pore Dilated Serum.

Enlarged pores, what are they?

The pores of the skin are essential for our epidermis. These are small openings that allow the skin to breathe. At the same time, the pores of the epidermis are also used to evacuate sebum or sweat as well as dead cells. However, in some people they are less tight. The dilated pores are, on the one hand, quite unsightly, and on the other hand, comedogenic. In other words, they lead to the appearance of blackheads and pimples. Indeed, when the ports are dilated, a certain amount of sebum can accumulate inside. By oxidation, on contact with air, this excess sebum turns into black dots. It is therefore precisely to avoid this kind of inconvenience that Clarins Anti-Pore Dilated Serum was designed.

Fight skin pore dilation with Clarins

The Serum Anti-Pores Clarinsis a treatment that prevents the dilation of the skin pores and their deformation over time. Indeed, with age, the pores may dilate more. Clarins Dilated Anti-Pore Serum is there to preserve the smoothness of your skin texture. Its expert formula combines several natural ingredients. Hibiscus is used to remove dead cells from the surface of your skin. Thus, it helps to breathe better and prevents an accumulation on the surface which can also clog the pores. Fireweed flower also purifies the epidermis. The Dilated Anti-Pore Serum illuminates, smoothes and unifies the skin. At the same time, it prevents its release. Also note that it acts to limit the production of sebum. Thus, it is an excellent ally in the fight against oily skin.

How to apply the Anti-Pore Dilated Serum?

Clarins Dilated Anti-Pore Serum can be used day or night, and just before your usual treatment. It can be used on the entire face or just the parts of your skin that are affected by visible pores. For enhanced effectiveness, Clarins recommends combining it with its Eclat Mat treatment. Your skin will then regain all its youth and finesse. Enlarged pores will be a distant memory, and your makeup will also be considerably easier.

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