Chanel perfume Allure Sensuelle Eau de Parfum

Chanel perfume Allure Sensuelle Eau de Parfum
Chanel perfume Allure Sensuelle Eau de Parfum
Chanel perfume Allure Sensuelle Eau de Parfum

With Allure Sensuelle, Chanel reveals its carnal side

This fragrance, born in 2006, is clearly inspired by its predecessor, Allure . Its bottle has the shape of it, although this time it is adorned with a pretty lacquered purple hue. Its scent is a more intimate and carnal interpretation. Allure Sensuelle reveals its most seductive aspect. New olfactory notes such as patchouli or frankincense are then increased tenfold. This perfume rhymes voluptuousness with luminosity. With him, Chanel seems to have put “all the light of the Orient in a perfume”. Its architecture is particularly complex and the result is all the more suave.

Chanel plays in seduction

Allure Sensuelle is a fragrance that follows the very famous Allure by Chanel. When he released this perfume, Jacques Helleu, artistic director of the house, chose to have it represented by Anna Mouglalis when the latter was only a rising star of cinema. It was one of his favorites; or rather a stroke of fate to which we owe the birth of Allure Sensuelle. Indeed, it is by thinking of the voice of Anna Mouglalis that Jacques Polge, perfumer of renown, created Allure Sensuelle. According to the latter, everything about her embodied sensuality, whether it was the timbre of her voice, the depth of her gaze or even her feline look. Also, Allure Sensuelle is truly the expression of a personality. Her charm is simply fascinating and her grace is beyond measure. Allure Sensuelle exudes a natural magnetism. As a result, it is a voluptuous and carnal interpretation of the Allure fragrance. It symbolizes the warm and coppery range of a female voice, both moving and bewitching. Allure Sensuelle is a perfume that we wear to seduce, to leave behind a mysterious trail and a disturbing femininity.

Allure Sensuelle and its oriental scent

Chanel - Allure Sensuelle Eau de Parfum
Chanel – Allure Sensuelle Eau de Parfum

If one were to come up with a metaphor for Allure Sensuelle, it would probably be compared to a diamond. Indeed, the latter was shaped around six facets, chiseled so as to radiate. However, although the whole is very balanced, the eastern facet dominates and sets the tone. It combines Bourbon vanilla with patchouli. Also, it is undoubtedly from there that it comes its biggest difference with its elder. These warm nuances are however contrasted by fresher, flowery and fruity scents. These are more set back and take on more rounded and softer accents. Bergamot brings light to the fragrance, while Bulgarian rose brings voluptuousness and jasmine adds its exoticism. In addition, the iris absolute affirms all the prestige of this nectar. It is accompanied by the Sicilian mandarin which is, for the occasion, particularly sweet and almost candied. The woody side is provided by Haitian vetiver, which however remains very discreet. Finally, solar spices burst forth and the incense then mingles with pink berries. The rendering is filled with femininity and is all in subtlety. All the light of the Orient then pierces this essence of a high quality.

Four of ALLURE’s six facets (Fresh, Timeless Floral, Woody and Fruity) have been reworked to take on more gourmet, mysterious, round and soft accents.

Then the oriental facet emerges and sets the sensual tone with a Vanilla associated with Patchouli Amber.

Finally, a new Solar Spicy facet, warm and airy, both fresh and disturbing, evokes the refined and luminous mystery of the Orient.

Women’s Perfumes

Olfactory family: Oriental – Floral

Top note: Bergamot, Mandarin, Pink Berry.

Heart note: Jasmine, Rose, Iris, Vetiver, Candied Fruit.

Base note: Bourbon Vanilla, Amber Patchouli, Incense, Sensual Note.

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