Lalique – Crystal Dragonfly Bottle 2013

Lalique – Crystal Dragonfly Bottle 2013

Lalique - Dragonfly Crystal Bottle

Discover the Crystal Lalique Libellule Limited Edition 2013 bottle …

Lalique Crystal Dragonfly Bottle

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A lovely insect with translucent wings, the dragonfly is, for Lalique, a real lucky charm. This year, on the precious bottle of the 2013 Limited Edition, the young lady sits on the surface of the water, an expanse of crystal drawn in waves.

To the “young ladies”, René Lalique owes his finest jewels. On numerous occasions, he represented this insect, a favorite theme of the Art Nouveau style, giving free rein to his imagination. Signed René Lalique, the “Dragonfly breastplate” was presented at the Universal Exhibition of 1900. Worn by Sarah Bernhardt, this precious set was acquired by Calouste Gulbenkian and is, today, exhibited in her museum in Lisbon.

Dragonfly Limited Edition 2013
Dragonfly Limited Edition 2013

In 1928 the Art Deco spirit, in turn, reinterpreted the dragonfly with two major creations by the artist, one with folded wings and the other with outstretched wings; both ready for the conquest of an ephemeral world. In addition to jewelry, the dragonfly was also embodied at Lalique as a mascot, adorning the radiator caps of cars of the time (1928) or in powder boxes, vases, cups and other works of glass …

Enchanting, the dragonfly is an insect, which only spends a few weeks in the splendor of its adulthood. Its appearance of lightness, fragility, the elegance of its flight associate it with freedom. In America, she is the messenger of dreams; in Japan, it gives the poetic nickname of island of dragonflies. But its sparkling, shiny wings can also signify a seemingly deceptive reality … Ravishing deception, the dragonfly also bears the name of “devil’s horse”!

For this 2013 Limited Edition, the bottle magnifies an extraordinary Dragonfly dressed in black. Generous in its form, the colorless bottle is adorned with concentric circles, delicately repolished by hand, repeated waves of water where the body of the beautiful dragonfly rests, plunging into the delicious scented nectar. A double pair of wings, nicely deployed, play on an alternating play of brilliance and matt crystal. All this satin-finishing work then redraws with the geometry of the wings a crystal veil of Art Deco spirit.

Crystal Lalique Libellule 2013
Crystal Lalique Libellule 2013

For the bottle, the “hot glass” workshop requires four glassmakers using the fixed hand-blown technique. Picked at 1150 °, the crystal is shaped in a wooden mallet, then placed in a cast iron mold heated to 400 ° and annealed for 7 hours. For the cork, the so-called “pressed” technique requires 5 glassmakers. When cold, the cutting and polishing operations are then carried out. Then the decoration of the wings of the dragonfly and the waves of the bottle are sandblasted. To adjust the placement of the stopper, the latter is paired with its bottle to be ground with emery, thus guaranteeing tightness.

Finally, on the signed and numbered bottle is added a final finish of application of the baudruchage and gold thread.

The complexity of the work on this bottle comes not only from its shape, but also from the work on the black crystal. Technically, black is obtained with very dark blue pigments which, with the density of the crystal, color the molten material “black”. More liquid, more difficult to produce, this black crystal will only reveal its flaws when cold when the mirror effect of this very subtle color is observed. The selection is then ruthless so that the Dragonfly is perfect and lives its crystal life.

A great timeless classic of the house, Lalique de Lalique is an absolute floral, in majesty. From the start, the fragrance takes shape; already sumptuous, it radiates. Offers an opulent bouquet: sweet Bulgarian rose, sensual jasmine, spicy wallflower and powdery iris; a farandole of flowers in various tones. Sweet fruity notes are added: blackcurrant leaves, blackberry and pear, accents of delicious indulgence. The base plays the woods gently, voluptuousness and sensuality. Sandalwood from Mysore, delicately milky, suave Bourbon vanilla, white musks and amber notes for an endless trail.

In a point of crystal water, the Dragonfly suspended its graceful flight and on the scent, landed, lovely and poetic.

A musky floral. A feminine and radiant fragrance born from a surge of flowers, it is extended by slightly fruity notes. Its vanilla and musky notes reveal its power of seduction.

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Olfactory Family: Floral – Musky

Top Notes: Rose Essence, Jasmine, Wallflower, Iris

Heart Notes: Blackcurrant Leaves, Blackberry, Pear

Base Notes: Mysore Sandalwood, Vanilla, White Musks

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