Clarins Concealer Concealer Stick

Clarins Concealer Concealer Stick
Clarins Concealer Concealer Stick
Clarins Concealer Concealer Stick

Camouflage all your small skin blemishes with the Clarins Concealer Concealer Stick

The Clarins house is recognized for its extraordinary know-how around the world. It must be said that each of its treatments contains a major ingredient: passion. Clarins has always attached particular importance to the beauty of women. The formulas of Clarins products have continued to improve over decades, technological advances and customer feedback.

Being in constant dialogue with women, Clarins has always made sure to meet their needs as closely as possible. Well aware that women today have a hectic pace of life, Clarins has therefore decided to offer them a Concealer Concealer Stick. From now on, the small signs of fatigue will no longer be seen on your face!

What are the small skin irregularities corrected by the Concealer Concealer Stick?

The Concealer Concealer Stick is a multi-use product. It makes it possible to camouflage a whole bunch of small pigmentary irregularities. Of course, as the name suggests, it fades dark circles. Indeed, when the body is tired, the microcirculation weakens. As a result, the tissues are no longer drained properly, and blood pigments can accumulate under the skin. However, as the skin surrounding the eyes is very thin, this leaves small bluish traces showing through: dark circles.

Likewise, when the lymph slows down, it tends to create bags under the eyes. Here again, the Clarins Concealer Concealer Stick can conceal them. Also note that over time, small clumps of melanin form on the skin. Pigment spots are a sign of skin aging and can be corrected with the Concealer Concealer Stick. Finally, this small Clarins stick helps to hide all other irregularities such as small pimples, irritation, redness, or a possible mole placed in the wrong place. From then on, it becomes an essential part of your makeup bag!

The many advantages of the Clarins Concealer Concealer Stick

The Clarins Concealer Concealer Stick offers exceptional but very natural coverage. Its soft and creamy texture contains mother-of-pearl pigments. These capture the light and release intense reflections. As a result, it minimizes shadow areas on the skin. The Concealer Concealer Stick instantly conceals all small imperfections.

Its bevelled shape is very practical to use and adapts to all contours of the face. What’s more, its formula is ideally designed to deliver the right dose of product. Particularly smooth, it is ideal for the most delicate areas of the face, such as the eye area. It delivers focused action and works real wonders. The Concealer Concealer Stick is applied directly to the skin, just after the foundation. It is then enough to blend it with your fingertips by light tapping.

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