Her daddy’s perfume

Her daddy’s perfume

Men’s perfumery is full of a whole bunch of very different fragrances. So it’s not easy to find the perfect perfume to give to your dad. Also, like a garment, it is advisable to choose a juice that blends perfectly with its personality.

Aromatic fragrances

Her daddy's perfume
Her daddy’s perfume

If your father is a modern and dynamic person, he might well recognize himself in aromatic scents. The latter are often very fresh and are accompanied by some spicy and citrus notes. They often contain sage, thyme, mint, lavender or even rosemary. Among the best known are Eternity For Men by Calvin Klein or Bleu by Chanel .

Woody species

More woody scents, on the other hand, are a sign of elegance, virility and sophistication. These are particularly masculine juices with warm scents made from sandalwood, vetiver, birch, patchouli or cedar. Do not hesitate to turn to the famous Eaux de Lacoste or to the timeless Legend of Mont-Blanc.


Citrus scents, on the other hand, are particularly authentic and fresh . They are then suitable for young and spontaneous men. Nevertheless, their fresh breath is often contrasted by the intensity of chypre, woody or musky tones. This family contains in particular the emblematic Invictus by Paco Rabanne or Chrome by Azzaro.

Oriental juices

Finally, oriental perfumes correspond more to strong and determined personalities. They display a sensual and intoxicating scent of vanilla, spices, wood and amber. This is for example the last A * Men Pure Tonka by Jeremy Fragrance or 1881 Black by Cerruti.

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