Ambre d’Alexandrie, Boucheron’s Egyptian journey

Ambre d’Alexandrie, Boucheron’s Egyptian journey
Ambre d'Alexandrie, Boucheron's Egyptian journey
Ambre d’Alexandrie, Boucheron’s Egyptian journey

Frédéric Boucheron has always been passionate about precious stones . Thus, from this passion was born one of the most beautiful jewelry stores on the planet. This designer had established contacts all over the world to find exceptional precious stones, the rarest and the most exceptional there are. For him, each of his jewels had to have an unspeakable beauty while giving off a strength and a particular aesthetic. Also, as if to pay tribute to its stone hunters, the brand has decided to develop a collection of perfumes. Amber of Alexandria is one of them.

Alexandria, the splendor of Egypt in a perfume

Amber of Alexandria is a juice that takes us to the heart of a huge Egyptian city. This one has a part of timelessness given its date of creation. Indeed, this Mediterranean city was founded by Alexander the Great in -331 BC. Its antique appearance is absolutely fascinating. What is more, Alexandria brings together many sculptures. Both modern and teeming with people, it has preserved the testimony of its history. It is therefore this element of timelessness that we find in the Ambre d’Alexandrie perfume. What is more, like this place, it is soaked in sunshine and oriental culture.

The oriental and sweet recipe of Amber from Alexandria

Ambre d’Alexandrie is a fragrance that draws its source from a precious and timeless Orient. It has a velvety softness and an animal touch that is both complex and very sensual. Its recipe was made by perfumer Jean-Christophe Hérault. This begins with an intriguing blend of tobacco and vanilla, still enveloped by the sweetness of benzoin. Then, amber and labdanum envelop its heart in a floral and animal aspect. Finally, sensuality takes over and Amber of Alexandria ends with a carnal breath of amber and musk.

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