Christmas Makeup Palette Clarins Eyeshadow

Christmas Makeup Palette Clarins Eyeshadow
Christmas Makeup Palette Clarins Eyeshadow
Christmas Makeup Palette Clarins Eyeshadow

All the spirit of winter on your eyes thanks to the Clarins Christmas Eyelid Palette

Clarins is considered today as one of the biggest brands of skincare and cosmetics. She demonstrates extraordinary expertise and also offers a wide range of makeup. However, each of Clarins’ make-up products is also enriched with plant active ingredients that take care of your beauty over the long term. The Christmas Eyelids Palette is no exception to the rule and contains a whole assortment of powders containing natural active ingredients to hydrate your eyelids and make your makeup more comfortable than ever.

The colors contained in the Clarins Noël Eyelid Palette

Some Clarins products are great classics that we find year after year on its shelves. Others, on the other hand, appear for special occasions. Here, as the name of this product suggests, the Christmas Eyelid Palette was designed for the holiday season. It brings together 10 eyeshadows of different colors. In total, four textures are available: 5 shades are pearly, 1 is silver and glitter, 3 are satin and the last is matte. The set is available in fairly cool tones such as gray, black, ice blue or white.

The elegant box of the Christmas Eyelids Palette from Clarins

Clarins has chosen to deliver its eyeshadows to us in an elegant, very feminine white box. Its purity is reminiscent of snow and a few colored touches decorate the whole. Clarins has thus integrated some red details on its box, its emblematic color. Inside, the 10 Clarins eye shadows are also associated with a double-ended brush that will make your makeup easier.

Clarins Christmas Eyeshadow Palette

10 new eyeshadows inspired by winter tones

These 10 eyeshadows enriched with plant extracts offer a palette of 4 different textures: 5 pearly shades, 1 touch of silver diamond, 3 satin shades and 1 shade with a matte finish. Play with these precious shadows to sublimate your eyes: dare a harmony of cold tones inspired by subtly iridescent ice blue, available in light shades to illuminate and dark shades to give depth to the eyes. Do not be cold in the eyes!

Illuminates and emphasizes the eyes

Winter invites itself in the Clarins Christmas Eyelid Palette

Clarins is a brand specializing in feminine beauty. She develops all kinds of top-of-the-range care and make-up products in order to naturally sublimate your beauty. If some of his articles are great classics that we find year after year, others are appearing for very special occasions. This time, for the end of the year celebrations, Clarins has developed the Christmas Eyeshadow Palette.

The different colors contained in the Christmas Eyelids Palette

The Christmas Eyeshadow Palette is an assortment of ten eyeshadows enriched with plant extracts. This single palette brings together four different types of textures. Five Clarins powders are pearly. One of them has a silver diamond color. Three others are satin. The last one has a matte finish. The colors chosen by Clarins are quite cool and are inspired by an ice blue.

The elegant Clarins box

The Clarins box is available in a white color decorated with a few more feminine red notes. Inside, Clarins has also integrated a small brush that will allow you to make up your eyes.

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