Chloé Love Story the Parisian light of a scented love story

Chloé Love Story the Parisian light of a scented love story
Love Story the Parisian light of a scented love story
Love Story the Parisian light of a scented love story

The Haute-Couture house Chloé never ceases to make the romantic and elegant woman of Gaby Aghion, its creator, shine. Chloé in 2008 had already opened the scented way of sensual florals, Love Story paves this road to success with an additional touch of sensuality. Between the brilliance of neroli and woody sensuality, the love story between Chloé and her followers was likely not to end anytime soon!

The French touch makes Chloé’s Love Story shine with a thousand lights!

If the luxury ready-to-wear house Chloé was created in 1952, it secured its place in the fashion firmament in the 70s with its long and flowing dresses or its famous pleated blouses. Regarding perfumery, although it launched in 1975 with Chloé, the famous house had to wait until 2008 and the return of an eponymous perfume to finally experience well-deserved glory.

In 2014, Anne Flipo composed Love Story so as to bring out the flagship values ​​of the house of Chloé in a passionate and romantic fragrance . Ode to happiness, Love Story wants to be composed around the same modern but totally romantic woman who inspired the now cult Chloé of 2008. A common inspiration which will also be found in the choice of the ambassador of this Love Story which is no other as Clémence Poesy, already muse for Chloé le parfum between 2008 and 2010.

The beautiful French actress definitely seems to be the very embodiment of the Chloé woman! For Love Story, she will play under the benevolent gaze of another French actress, Mélanie Laurent, accompanied by a song by a great star, also French, Vanessa Paradis in the most beautiful city in France, Paris of course! Needless to ignore therefore that French elegance, what we call the “French touch”, is totally put forward in this ode to fragrant love that is Love Story. Would love have been born… in France?

A dazzling orange blossom for a sparkling Love Story!

The Love Story bottle retains the precious pleated glass that previously dressed Chloé in reference to the famous blouse of the fashion house. The all-gold padlock edged with a delicate satin refers to one of the most famous bridges in Paris, the Pont des Arts and its thousands of padlocks that bear witness to the eternal lovers of the City of Light.

Love Story opens with a sparkling citrus cocktail delicately sweetened with a juicy pear. At the heart, the delicacy of the rose married to stephanotis jasmine will meet the solar neroli flower. A few fruity and vegetal notes merge into this dazzling flowery heart. Finally, the precious wake of Love Story will be passionate thanks to a powerful blend of cashmeran, patchouli and white musks.

“The meeting of a luminous and sensual orange blossom with stephanotis jasmine, flower of happiness. »Chloe for Love Story.

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