Black XS for Him The rocker with a fruity taste Paco Rabanne

Black XS for Him The rocker with a fruity taste Paco Rabanne
Black XS for Him The rocker with a fruity taste
Black XS for Him The rocker with a fruity taste

The fashion house Paco Rabanne has been offering fine masculine juices since the 70s, however the 2000s were not very good and the house was sorely looking for a new olfactory identity. It is XS, but especially Black XS in 2005, which will revitalize the sales of Paco Rabanne thanks to its new, very rock wind. Aimed at a young audience, the handsome Black XS touches fruit and touches rebellious hearts by displaying an original and contrasting composition.

Black XS or the scent of a rock revival signed Paco Rabanne

In 1973 Paco Rabanne pour Homme created the event by offering a legendary aromatic fern trail. Sport and Ténéré are also coming out with some success but are waiting for the master’s brilliance of avant-garde genius to really shine among the star stars of perfumery. Ultraviolet Man and XS want to be more eye-catching by following this very futuristic Paco Rabanne lineage, yet success remains timid and sales of Paco Rabanne men’s perfumes are not taking off.

Clearly, we must rejuvenate the scented target but also offer it a fragrance that breaks the codes without becoming elitist. By offering Black XS in 2005 and its modern and daring scents presented in a rocker bottle lighter, Paco Rabanne is finally returning to success! The perfume has a “radical charm” that is as universal as it is totally opposed to the classics of the genre. A Paco Rabanne perfume , totally in the style of Paco Rabanne couture in short!

The universe of Black XS will therefore develop around a rock and rebellious image where the man, rather young, will be a pure rocker with a tender heart. The first ambassador Will Chalker photographed by Matthew Brookes will therefore be resolutely virile while being charming. Subsequently, the universe of Black XS will be even darker and will not hesitate to launch into the euphoria of a rocky concert to boast us about its beautiful radicality. However, the last campaign for Black XS and Black XS for Elle has instead turned towards the “light” side of its strength by staging transgressive heroes of course, but more positive, more “healthy” …

A fruity modernity for a wild cocktail, Black XS for Him

In order to claim its pretty kinship with the XS bottle, Black XS has kept its original look of a scented lighter. However, the incendiary bottle is completely glossy black to match the powerful masculinity of the fragrance. Massive and terribly rock, Black XS nevertheless comes with a tattooed rose as a pure symbol of rebellion.

Orchestrated by Olivier Cresp, Black XS opens with ultra-dynamic and punchy notes of clary sage, lemon and kalamanzi. At the heart, the contrasts will explode. Extreme delicacies of praline and cinnamon topped with a green apple-strawberry accord collide against powerful and ultra virile notes of tolu balm and black cardamom. Finally black amber and patchouli will sow a little more trouble to coat these olfactory riches in an ocean of woody sensualities.

“Oriental woody without concession. Fresh, raw energy. Lemon and Kalamanzi. Sensuality, radiant. Spicy praline on overdosed patchouli. Radical charm. »Paco Rabanne for Black XS

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