A multitude of scents, how do you find the right one?

A multitude of scents, how do you find the right one?
A multitude of scents, how do you find the right one?
A multitude of scents, how do you find the right one?

Perfumery and its infinite accords

The olfactory love at first sight is the Grail of the perfumer and the perfume house. And to create this magic in a bottle, the great creators of perfumes have explored and are still exploring the wonders of nature but also of chemistry. Thanks to this marriage between nature and science, perfumes have hardly finished surprising us.

Current perfumery is, it is true, obviously influenced by fashions and trends, but also and above all by the great olfactory discoveries which marked out, mainly, the 20th century. Thus, thanks to chemistry, many olfactory notes were able to emerge, while their natural scents could not be extracted or be used as such.

This is the case for example of vanillin which, for years since the sublime Jicky by Aimé Guerlain in 1889, has dressed many fragrances with its suave and sensual facets by reproducing a vanilla much too expensive to import at the time. . In addition, Jicky de Guerlain was considered one of the very first modern perfumes because Aimé Guerlain had known how to handle with talent the beauty of synthetic notes resulting from chemistry with the magnificence of agreements coming from natural essential oils.

Thanks to multiple marriages between nature and science, perfumes have never ceased to amaze us!

Perfumers are inspired by the world around us in the composition of their fragrances and the range of olfactory notes available to them is almost endless.

Astrological signs inspire in creation

It is true that it is a little surprising but some think that it is possible to find the right perfume thanks to astrology . After all, an astrological sign determines the character and the sensitivity of each and everyone, so why not take inspiration from it when composing a new fragrance when you think of the multiple chords that it is possible to create.

Striking scents

Some perfumes will mark the spirits more than others, this will be particularly the case in male perfumery which allows itself only few fantasies (in relation to female perfumes) in terms of olfactory creations. Yet men, although fond of the great classic aromatic or citrus fragrances, no longer hesitate to go for more original or even innovative essences in terms of pairings. It is true that perfume tastes have evolved generation after generation .

In addition, most of the cult perfumes of men’s perfumery are fragrances that have amazed their audiences. In the picture perfume Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier, who offered first agreements also deliciously manly than feminine, or even of Dior Homme a few of the woody scents to present flowers facets.

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