Boucheron Fleurs, the new Boucheron feminine fragrance

Boucheron Fleurs, the new Boucheron feminine fragrance
Boucheron Fleurs, the new Boucheron feminine fragrance
Boucheron Fleurs, the new Boucheron feminine fragrance

Boucheron reinterprets its most famous perfume in a new bouquet called Boucheron Fleurs

Before becoming a perfumer, Boucheron was above all one of the greatest luxury jewelers in France. Since 1858, Frédéric Boucheron has been promoting the image of French know-how to the four corners of the globe. Initially, her jewelry allowed her to establish her reputation. Nevertheless, Boucheron shines today just as much by its perfumes as by its sumptuous adornments of precious stones. Its very first essence saw the light of day in 1988 Boucheron Femme , soberly bearing the name of the brand . Today, the brand has decided to bring it up to date and develop a new variation called Boucheron Fleurs.

Boucheron Fleurs, a sunny and fruity bouquet

The brand new Boucheron Fleurs fragrance is designed using the best raw materials, just like its predecessors. It leaves nothing to chance and draws its resources from the four corners of the globe, giving birth to an enormous resplendent and solar bouquet. It starts off with fruity top notes, whose juicy and sparkling breath instantly provides a feeling of dynamism. Boucheron Fleurs first of all combines the freshness of lemon with the lightness of pear. Her heart, for its part, lights up with orange blossom and frangipani. Their airy petals are finally relayed by an exotic vanilla. Finally, benzoin warms the base of this composition, while depositing a slightly caramelized and typically oriental scent.

A bottle designed by Alain Boucheron himself

The Boucheron Fleurs bottle, on the other hand, is similar in style to its predecessors. Think in the purest respect for jewelry, it was initially designed by Alain Boucheron. Its curved shape perfectly fits the palm of the hand, and its center allows you to pass your finger through it. All the Boucheron codes are brought together here: the sapphire blue of its cork, the roundness of the tars, the refinement of the gold,… The golden color of its base has nevertheless disappeared in favor of a bluish glow.

When all the rigor of Boucheron is invited in a perfume

The new Boucheron Fleurs fragranceonce again testifies to all the know-how of the Boucheron house. With him, it’s a little as if the precious stones of the most beautiful adornments metamorphosed into an invisible jewel to wear in the palm of your neck. Boucheron Fleurs is designed for all the muses and heroines of our time. In line with the very first perfume launched by Cap in 1988, this new juice brings together carefully selected ingredients. It displays extraordinary authenticity and unmeasured generosity. He has in him this little luxury complement ideally developed for all elegant and refined women. Boucheron Fleurs is a precious jewel, as dazzling as the previous Boucheron Fraîcheur Florale from 2004 or Boucheron Edition Bleue from 2006. So,

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