Yves Saint Laurent – Manifesto

Yves Saint Laurent – Manifesto
Yves Saint Laurent - Manifesto
Yves Saint Laurent – Manifesto

Manifesto or the daring and free woman of Yves Saint-Laurent

Yves Saint-Laurent has always dressed and perfumed women, one might think, but the ones he adores and adores are not just any women. They are, they exist and mark the history of their presence. Thus, Yves Saint-Laurent’s very first perfume, Rive Gauche, already sang the praises of this unique woman, with a racy, biting personality and completely free from the codes and shackles still very present in the 1970s.

Manifesto could be worn by the spiritual daughter of Rive Gauche as the fragrance exudes an extraordinary femininity, timeless and out of the ordinary. Manifesto is a manifesto of freedom, like a great scented cry that would shake everything in its path with its bursts of floral lights and its exotic sensualities. The Manifesto woman lights up the world with her presence and does not intend to go unnoticed!

The Manifesto woman according to Yves Saint-Laurent is: “Whole, she believes in intuition, daring and desire. Spontaneous, she prefers the exception to the rule. She plays with codes. She likes to say yes. Yes to style. Yes to life. Yes to love and mystery. This is his manifesto.

The beautiful Yves Saint-Laurent house will therefore need a brilliant and subtle muse while being sparkling and distinguished. By choosing Jessica Chastain, it would seem that the house has made a particularly judicious choice as her beauty and her presence illuminate the screens and cameras facing Manifesto. Yves Saint Laurent thus declares about his muse Manifesto: “Jessica embodies the quintessence of Saint Laurent femininity, he says, a woman of her time, independent, determined, never where one expects her.

Manifesto, an oriental floral bursting like a declaration of feminine independence

YSL perfume manifesto
YSL perfume manifesto

The Manifesto bottle is intended to be created as a prism of light that attracts the eye as much as the lusts. Like a couture dress, the cylindrical bottle is tightened to the “waist” of a precious purple ring that is both modern and very feminine. As for its gold hood chiseled like a precious jewel, it is worn high above this Manifesto to better attract attention.

Manifesto was composed by Anne Flipo and Loc Dong. It takes us from the top notes in a whirlwind of citrus tonic notes of bergamot and grapefruit. However, an accord and a blackcurrant bud note bring their vegetal and sweet freshness to this fresh take-off. In the heart, the woman reveals herself as a flower thanks to delicate notes of sambac jasmine, marrying wonderfully with a few bells of lily of the valley. And yet the depths of sandalwood will transform these sweet flowers into searing sensualities while pairing with modern and unexpected treats of tonka bean and vanilla.

Surprises, daring and sensuality form the very essence of this Manifesto fragrance. Let us not forget that for YSL the Manifesto woman is above all “an attitude, a burst of laughter, a tone of voice, a presence but above all, femininity”.

Yves Saint Laurent perfumes announce the arrival of a new feminine perfume:

Yves Saint Laurent manifesto

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A new declaration of femininity “Do not embarrass it, hinder it, restrain it, by the shackles and strings of yesterday, But let it explode in all its supernatural” Yves Saint Laurent

A contemporary woman who writes her own story, builds her own destiny, without conforming to any model. Whole she believes in intuition, in daring, in desire. Spontaneous, she prefers the exception to the rule, shakes up the codes, accepting her biases with communicative sincerity.

She allows herself all the excesses. Saying “no” isn’t a problem for her, but she likes to say “yes” more than anything, yes to style, yes to life. Yes to love and mystery.

YSL Manifesto Case
YSL Manifesto Case

Perfume – Manifesto YSL

This is his MANIFESTO. We only know of one enemy: boredom, which she disarms with a burst of laughter. His successes prove him right. Women admire her, men desire her, because she always surprises them and carries them in her wake …

La couture comme invitation à toutes les démesures “L’OR parce que c’est la pureté et la coulée de la source qui moule le corps jusqu’à n’en faire qu’une ligne” Yves Saint Laurent.

Flacon – Manifesto YSL

Un parti-pris esthétique fort. L’audace d’un capot qui étincelle, ciselé comme une pièce de joaillerie. L’excès d’une mystérieuse améthyste en son coeur. Le désir des courbes d’une silhouette féminine.

Etui – Manifesto Yves Saint Laurent

Une couleur améthyste, emblématique de la brand qui amène tension et énergie. L’audace de la couleur améthyste, symbole de mystère et d’ambivalence. L’excès du logog YSL or, qui s’affirme telle une déclaration de féminité. Le désir d’un toucher sensuel, comme une évocation de l’univer couture. Un trait fuschia qui crée l’inattendu.

Manifesto Bottle
Manifesto Flacon

Fragrance – Manifesto

La composition est développé par Anne Flipo et Loc Dong. Elle commence avec la vague verte fraîche, bergamote et cassis. Le cœur se compose des accords de fleurs blanches comme le jasmin sambac et le lys. Les notes de fond sont des notes boisées et légèrement orientales et des captures de cèdre, bois de santal, de vanille et de fève tonka.

Une fragrance qui signe le grand retour de la brand Yves Sain Laurent dans la famille des parfums floraux, emblématiques de la parfumerie française. Une réinterprétation audacieuse et excessive d’une fleur iconique : le jasmin.

Un parfum élégant et racé. Une brassée de Jasmin griffée de notes vertes et un audacieux sillage de Bois, Vanille et Fève Tonka signent cette nouvelle déclaration de féminité.

Le départ croquant et zesté d’une grand modernité, souligne l’audace de cette femme et nous emporte dans son sillage (notes verts croquantes et bergamote).

La féminité éclatant du Jasmin Sambac travaillé dans l’excès des notes charnelles et androgynes de la Fève Tonka qui se devine, fait voler en éclat les carcans du conformisme (jasmin sambac et muguet).

Le fond charnel de Notes Boisées Sensuelles, s’affirme comme un manifeste en faveur d’une sensualité captivante, et suscite le désir (bois de santal, vanille et fève tonka).

Jessica Chastain – Manifesto YSL

Jessica chastain
Jessica Chastain

L’actrice Jessica CHASTAIN sera l’égérie du nouveau parfum Manifesto d’Yves Saint Laurent. Elle incarnera de belle manière la spontanéité et le libre esprit à l’image du nouveau parfum Yves Saint Laurent. Une femme désirée et admirée.

Le visage du parfum est l’actrice Jessica Chastain, qui a déclaré:. “Yves Saint Laurent est une brand qui m’inspire profondément Depuis sa création, la brand a transmis des valeurs fortes qui me sont chers, tels que l’engagement sans faille, l’amour absolu et l’audace féminine. Le nouveau parfum est un emblème de tout cela. ”

Manifesto est disponible en Eau de Parfum Vapo 30 ml, 50 ml et 90 ml.

Parfum Femme

Famille Olfactive : Floriental Boisé

Notes de Tête : Essence de Bergamote, Bourgeon de Cassis, Accord “Vert Croquant”.

Notes de Coeur : Jasmin Sambac, Accord Muguet.

Notes de Fond : Bois de Santal, Vanille Bourbon, Fève Tonka.

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