Ck Everyone Calvin Klein Eau de Toilette

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Ck Everyone Calvin Klein Eau de Toilette is a 2020 Citrus Aromatic Cologne by Calvin klein for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Alberto Morillas . Top notes are Ginger, Orange. Middle notes are Marine note, Tea. Base notes are Musk, Amber, Patchouli, Cedar.

Ck Everyone Calvin Klein Eau de Toilette
Ck Everyone Calvin Klein Eau de Toilette


Ck Everyone: the new unisex eau de toilette from Calvin Klein

In fact, many consider it to be the first true unisex scent in history. Advocating sharing, it remains Calvin Klein’s greatest olfactory reference to this day. This is why it keeps reinventing itself year after year, to our great pleasure. Even today, he gives birth to a newcomer. Focus on CK Everyone, Calvin Klein’s new androgynous juice for 2020.

CK Everyone, a composition for both men and women

CK Everyone clearly marks its belonging to the Calvin Klein family, from the vision of its bottle. Indeed, no one can really give a genre to his bottle. Is it a perfume for women or is it an essence for men? In fact, it is for all of you! CK Everyone comes in a container similar to a water bottle. All in glass, it displays absolute transparency, while being topped with a simple screw cap. An elastic band bearing the brand name also encircles the set. The goal of this new addition? Evoke classic Calvin Klein underwear.
By choosing such a style, Calvin Klein has chosen a clean and very contemporary design. Moreover, this immediately underlines his androgyny. Much more than a simple perfume, CK Everyone primarily conveys a strong social message. He relies on authenticity, honesty and open-mindedness. CK Everyone is a fragrance of freedom, which dares a confusing nonconformism!

CK Everyone, an environmentally friendly composition

Another novelty and not the least: CK Everyone is an eco-responsible fragrance . In other words, it is specifically designed to respect the planet and the environment. A vegan fragrance, CK Everyone is made from natural alcohol. Its orange vegetable oil comes from organic cultures. Similarly, its recipe is infused only with natural ingredients. Finally, once its pump has been removed, its bottle is completely recyclable.
On the scent side, this “clean” perfume gives off a complex and exhilarating breath. At first, citrus fruits dominate the whole and deploy an icy and incisive thrill. Orange gives it a very tangy and fruity side. Then, green tea strengthens the vegetal and aromatic spirit of its heart. It serves as a binder to evolve towards a more animal and woody base. There, musk mingles with cedar for a deep and charismatic finish. CK Everyone does not lack temperament and has something to satisfy a number of consumer profiles! In addition, its fresh recipe allows it to be worn for any occasion, both for the office, for an elegant evening or for a simple workout.
The bottle of CK Everyone by Calvin Klein is already available in two different capacities of 100 and 200 ml.

Calvin Klein is a particularly inventive designer, who likes to surprise and who, since 1968, has demonstrated a surprising imagination. A bit eccentric and always offbeat, he does nothing like everyone else, and this is just as noticeable in his clothes as in his perfumes. This is precisely how the first CK One was made, in 1994, essence advocating non-conformism and aimed at both men and women. Today, this juice is reinventing itself and becomes CK Everyone. So what about its new freshness? Let’s see in more detail what is the composition of this aromatic juice, composed of ingredients respectful of the planet.

CK Everyone by Calvin Klein, an eco-responsible fragrance

At a time when men and women are increasingly concerned about the future of the planet, Calvin Klein has clearly decided to surf the organic trend. The CK Everyone fragrance is environmentally friendly. Moreover, if this is an excellent idea for the future of our resources, we must recognize that the fact of designing an eco-responsible gasoline is also a masterstroke in terms of marketing! CK Everyone continues to be talked about and is already arousing the envy of a large audience. The key to its success? It is made up of 79% natural ingredients! Thanks to this perfume, the Calvin Klein brand stands out as one of the most environmentally friendly luxury brands. Calvin Klein has always been committed to respecting future generations, and this fragrance is therefore fully in line with its values. Like the very first CK One, CK Everyone is a symbol of freedom, equality and brotherhood!

The aromatic breath of CK Everyone by Calvin Klein

CK Everyone owes its existence to perfumer Alberto Morillas. Here, he chose to deliver us an aromatic juice, suitable for both men and women. In other words, it is an androgynous and non-gendered scent. Calvin Klein’s CK Everyone is not lacking in vitality and you can see it right from its top notes. It starts off with a fresh and tangy breath of orange, accompanied by ginger. Here, this raw material deploys a peppery and slightly soapy scent. Then, the liveliness gains ground. At its heart, Calvin Klein’s CK Everyone is refreshed with marine notes, while a greener glow of tea enters. However, little by little, CK Everyone trades its clarity for a more sweet and warm background. Amber mixes with musk for an animal and suave effect. Patchouli gives structure to the whole and gives it more persistence. Finally, cedar completes this recipe for a drier finish with a strong personality. CK Everyone therefore evolves from a fruity freshness to a darker and addictive base, without ever lacking energy or pep.

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