Guerlain offers a set of its Insolence fragrance

Guerlain offers a set of its Insolence fragrance
Guerlain offers a set of its Insolence fragrance
Guerlain offers a set of its Insolence fragrance

Insolence de Guerlain is back in a new gift box

The month of September is an opportunity for many creative houses to reveal their novelties to us. Yes, but not only… It is also the period favorable to the development of gift boxes. Thus, all the greatest perfumes come to curl up in unique packaging and decorated by the best designers for the end of the year celebrations. Guerlain has therefore chosen to deliver a new facet of its Insolence fragrance to us. It is now integrated into an elegant purple packaging and comes with the Cils d’Enfer So Volume mascara , another house bestseller.

The universe of Insolence perfume

Insolence is an astonishing and confusing fragrance . He is like a smiling, fearless woman with a sparkle in her eyes and a casual grace. The woman who wears Insolence has a style that does not go unnoticed. His ambition is above all to do nothing like everyone else. It is a bit like the Guerlain family: quite simply out of the ordinary! The Insolence perfume quickly became a synonym of freedom upon its release in 2006. It is bursting with spontaneity and magnifies the most beautiful flowers in perfumery while modernizing them.

Insolence: a box designed by Alex and Marine

To highlight the Insolence perfume, the Guerlain house has chosen to call on a duo of Parisian artists who are particularly popular today. Its box is signed by “wall tattoo artists” Alex and Marine. These two designers use gouache markers or pencils to express their creativity on all types of media. In recent years, the biggest creative houses have been snapping up their know-how. Moreover, Lancôme has already worked with these two talents. Here, they have chosen to reappropriate all the emblematic codes of the Guerlain house and make sumptuous designs engraved in golden ink on a purple cardboard case. The result is absolutely dazzling!

The two products contained in the Insolence box

So what can this box contain ? Of course, the Insolence fragrance! However, this time it is delivered to us in the mythical Bee Flask and no longer has its three half-spheres of glass from the past. It adopts a seductive pinkish hue marked with a purple label. This assembly gives it a somewhat retro look that fits it like a glove! Of course, his recipe has remained unchanged. Insolence revolves primarily around the violet flower.

Totally recomposed, this plant is first associated with red fruits. Then, it is illuminated with a duo of orange blossom and rose. Finally, it is wrapped in tonka bean and some resins. The iris also contributes to the refinement of this fragrance. Finally, this juice is accompanied by Cils d’Enfer So Volume mascara. Another star product of the brand, it promises to bring an exceptional volume to your eyes and a particularly magnetic intensity. With it, the eyelashes are wrapped and stretched to perfection, while remaining natural.

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