Viktor & Rolf – Bonbon Couture

Viktor & Rolf – Bonbon Couture
Viktor & Rolf - Bonbon Couture
Viktor & Rolf – Bonbon Couture

Viktor & Rolf is a brand whose main ambition is to surprise its fans while maintaining its luxurious and refined image. Also, it was done in 2014 with the release of the Bonbon fragrance, a fragrance with a very original look, with a particularly gourmet flavor but incomparable elegance. Also, in this year 2016, Viktor & Rolf puts the cover back and presents us its brand new Bonbon Couture . This will make its appearance by August 2016. It is an oriental fragrance, gourmet, nuanced and sensual… Enough to whet the appetite of many women!

The new Bonbon Couture

Bonbon Couture therefore opens with intense freshness. This combines the candied and tangy sweetness of mandarin with the more floral, rich and zesty aspect of neroli. The peach then enriches this start with its juicy, velvety and fruity aspect. Then, Bonbon Couture evolves towards a more floral heart. Sambac jasmine, otherwise known as Arabian jasmine, offers us orange, green and opulent notes. It is accompanied by the radiant and sensual luminosity of orange blossom. Then, it is at this moment that the delicacy of Bonbon Couture makes its appearance. Its recipe reveals a suave caramel. The whole then gradually leaves room for a more enveloping background. The sandalwood is creamy, milky and velvety. Its tenderness is accentuated by the sensual exoticism of vanilla. Patchouli, for its part, delivers its powerful and earthy complexity typical of the hippie current. Finally, it all ends with rich, honeyed notes of white tobacco. What’s more, Bonbon Couture has a bottle that is just as attractive as its scent. The look of the latter is reminiscent of that of its predecessor. Bonbon Couture is contained in acandy shaped glass bottle . This one is wrapped in a pink hue, subtly shaded and pleated but still darker than before. Everything is perfectly balanced and is the result of exceptional mastery and a brilliant molding and blowing technique.

Viktor & Rolf’s collaboration with two renowned perfumers

Also, in order to create the new Bonbon Couture, Viktor & Rolf once again called on Cécile Matton and Serge Majouiller. Indeed, these are already these perfumers who had worked on the realization of the Bonbon of 2014. Cécile Matton was, at the beginning, a pharmacist. Nevertheless, when she oriented herself in the field of perfumery, she was a pupil of Jean Guichard. It was he who taught her to build perfumes with patience, to find the right dosage and the perfect balance. Likewise, she says she learned a lot from Ralf Schwieger at the Mane house in New York. This renowned perfumer also displays a pronounced taste for woody materials that remind her of her childhood in Africa. She then enjoys working from raw materials, chiseling the olfactory elements like a precious metal. His sidekick, Serge Majouiller, for his part, is more discreet. He is nevertheless particularly known for his collaboration with the Jo Malone tea house. He was instructed to decline six varieties of teas that were among the most precious in the world to transform them into six exceptional fragrances. You will understand, Bonbon Couture was worked by two geniuses in their field. No wonder then that its scent is so exquisite …

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