Lady Million Fabulous, Paco Rabanne’s brilliant new diamond

Lady Million Fabulous, Paco Rabanne’s brilliant new diamond
Lady Million Fabulous, Paco Rabanne's brilliant new diamond

Paco Rabanne is an atypical designer who has long been drawn to design. Thus, he used metal as a source of inspiration many times. With gold, he made a dress encrusted with some 300 carats of diamonds. Then, always inspired by this precious material, he gave birth to a couple of perfumes: 1 Million and Lady Million. Today, in 2021, this women’s edition returns to the forefront. Incarnation of a queen of the night, Paco Rabanne presents Lady Million Fabulous!

Lady Million Fabulous, the scent of a festive and extravagant woman

Lady Million Fabulous by Paco Rabanne is a fragrance that cannot be ignored. It alone symbolizes all the hypnotic power of music and the boundless energy that emanates from a party. With him, the woman is invited to live to excess, to listen to her favorite songs at full volume and to display her unbridled joy in the eyes of all. Lady Million Fabulous is worn when night comes. From then on, all eyes are on the one who wears this perfume. She is a kind of diva who stirs up the fire of lust. Quite simply fabulous, it unleashes passions and makes us switch to a formidable game of seduction.

Simona Kust and Londone Myers, muses of Paco Rabanne

On screen, the image of Lady Million Fabulous is embodied by a duo of muses, consisting of Simona Kust and Londone Myers. If physically everything opposes them, the two young women seem here perfectly united. Their ambition: to try to enter a private party and walk the floor until the early hours of the morning. Dressed in Paco Rabanne, the two tops are in charming company, with hip-hop singer and committed actor Joey Bada, originally from Brooklyn. Ambassador of 1 Million, he is the king of the night, perfectly surrounded by his female acolytes. The new campaign for Lady Million Fabulous was photographed by Daniel Sannwald.

The new bottle of Lady Million Fabulous

On the bottle side, Lady Million Fabulous is still presented in the timeless diamond of Paco Rabanne. Indeed, it is the eternal symbol of the Lady Million collection. Synonymous with delicacy but excess, it perfectly matches this fragrance. Today, gold is still present but a new element comes to decorate the whole. Glittered in black, Lady Million Fabulous seems to have put on her most elegant evening dress, while taking us with a simple glance into the nocturnal universe.

Lady Million Fabulous, a magnetic floral

Like Lady Million, Lady Million Fabulous owes its existence to perfumer Anne Flipo. As you will have understood, this is a scent that does not go unnoticed, and which brilliantly mixes luminous and solar flowers with a more intoxicating and oriental background. It all starts with a marriage of citrus fruits and spices. The top notes of Lady Million Fabulous contain pink pepper, tangerine of orange. Then, its heart becomes more floral, resting on a trio of tuberose, jasmine and ylang-ylang. This solar bouquet is also wrapped in tonka bean and vanilla. The whole ends with the woody and comforting presence of cashmere wood and oak moss.

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