The virility of Diesel’s new Only the Brave Extreme

The virility of Diesel’s new Only the Brave Extreme
The virility of Diesel's new Only the Brave Extreme
The virility of Diesel‘s new Only the Brave Extreme

The start of the year is always a particularly eagerly awaited moment for perfume lovers. Indeed, creative houses often take the opportunity to reveal what their next perfumes will be and their announcements are always eagerly awaited. Also, fans of the Diesel brand will be delighted to learn that a new male juice will be released very soon. It is, in this case, a new version of the Only The Brave gasoline published in 2009 . This new juice will be called Only The Brave Extreme and is advertised as an even more manly, strong and intense version of its predecessor.

Only The Brave Extreme, a fragrance embodied by actor Liam Hemsworth

The Only The Brave range of fragrances is described as a true ode to courage. These quality essences are intended for men who are not afraid to assert their convictions. Moreover, it is mainly from this image that the bottle of this collection in the shape of a fist comes. Also, the one who will have the heavy task of embodying this assumed virility is none other than the talented Australian actor Liam Hemsworth. The latter is indeed the face of the Diesel brand since the summer of 2015. However, the new advertising spot for Only The Brave Extreme has not yet been unveiled. This actor is considered one of Hollywood’s rising stars. Indeed, he made an appearance in the movie Thor before really making himself known through the Hunger Games series. In addition, it will also be featured on the next Independence Day. Whoever sees his career literally explode was then delighted to be able to collaborate with a brand as prestigious as Diesel. What is more, he exudes an image of a brave, brave and self-confident man. He is in this sense a man who fits perfectly to the image desired by Diesel on the occasion of the release of the new Only The Brave Extreme.

The scent of Diesel’s new perfume

Only The Brave should make its appearance in a few weeks and is already announced as being particularly manly and intense. This new juice was developed by perfumer Aliénor Massenet, one of the noses who had already worked on the composition of the 2009 Only The Brave fragrance.. He then imagined a new particularly modern and contemporary nectar. In order to particularly please the male sex, it is endowed with an extreme freshness. This appears in particular through the presence of Primofiore lemon and tangerine. Both bring a dazzling and very energizing aspect to the whole. What is more, they are associated with coriander which further reveals the zesty aspect of this essence while adding a slight peppery side. In addition, Only The Brave also contains rose. This very delicate ingredient then contrasts the whole, making it more subtle for the occasion. Finally, it is the leather that brings the real masculinity of Only The Brave Extreme, transforming it into an intense and deep scent. Everything is, of course, contained in Diesel’s iconic fist-shaped bottle. This one then underwent only a very slight transformation in terms of its color. Indeed, it is now presented in a very elegant midnight blue tone.

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