The new Gabrielle Chanel perfume bottle

The new Gabrielle Chanel perfume bottle
The new Gabrielle Chanel bottle
The new Gabrielle Chanel bottle

The reinterpretation of the legendary Chanel N ° 5 bottle for the release of Gabrielle

Chanel is today one of the most influential design houses on the planet. As such, each of its new fragrances is eagerly awaited by women around the world. Well, they will be delighted to learn that a whole new essence has emerged on the shelves of Chanel .

This pays tribute to the creator of the brand and is called Gabrielle. Endowed with a floral and abstract scent, it opens up a new story within the brand and is embellished for this with a brand new bottle. If it retains airs of its predecessors, it is indeed very different. So let’s take a closer look at how this little gem of creativity and know-how was developed.

The architecture of Gabrielle’s bottle

The new Gabrielle perfume bottle is absolutely splendid. In our opinion, it perfectly respects the authenticity and historical codes of the house of Chanel while giving them more modernity. It must be said that nothing was left to chance in its design!

In fact, it is inspired by the visual of the iconic Chanel N ° 5 perfume while transforming it somewhat . At the time, Coco Chanel wanted a sober and straight bottle, with sharp cut angles, far from the convoluted and extravagant shapes of her time. She topped her creation with a cap cut like an emerald, in her opinion evoking the Place Vendôme seen from the sky.

However, it is precisely this elegant and square shape that we find in Gabrielle’s bottle. This is displayed in a thin glass reflecting the sunlight. Its golden and luminous color perfectly echoes the radiance of the fragrance contained in this bottle. The whole is topped with a matte cap for a more contemporary effect. In fact, the visual of this perfume is also inspired by a box offered to Gabrielle Chanel by the Duke of Westminster.

Everything is available in two different formats, in 50 or 100 ml.

The Gabrielle CHANEL case signed Sylvie Legastelois

Of course, a whole team worked on the design of this new bottle. Moreover, this one still required five years of research! All operations were then skilfully managed by Sylvie Legastelois, official designer of the Chanel brand since 1984. The latter learned her trade alongside the label’s previous artistic director, Jacques Helleu, until her death. in 2007.

Today, it is she who decides the smallest details of Chanel bottles, whether it is their materials, the typography used or the colors chosen. She was then surrounded by around thirty collaborators, both designers and graphic designers, the sole purpose of which was to shape her ideas and her overflowing creativity.

Chanel thus carries out all of its production in-house. The only contributor outside the brand for the production of this new bottle is the Pochet glassworks, an illustrious partner of Chanel for many years now.


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