The simplicity of L’Eau d’Issey Pure d’Issey Miyake

The simplicity of L’Eau d’Issey Pure d’Issey Miyake
The simplicity of L'Eau d'Issey Pure d'Issey Miyake
The simplicity of L’Eau d’Issey Pure d’Issey Miyake

The new water Issey Miyake

Each of Issey Miyake’s fragrances is a reflection of her fashion. These are universal creations, in harmony with life and accessible to all. Issey Miyake’s perfumes are in perfect correlation with her universe. They are simple, easy to wear, pure and design. In addition, Issey Miyake once declared: “I am convinced that the perfume of a woman who deposits water on her skin is the most beautiful, the purest in the world …”. It is therefore, according to him, unnecessary to do too much. Also, in the continuity of his previous works, the new Eau d’Issey Pure is all in sobriety and yet displays an incredible creative genius in a recipe apparently very simple.

The new Eau d’Issey Pure

With Eau d’Issey Pure, Issey Miyake immediately shows all his daring. Indeed, this talented creator has succeeded in offering us a fresh water containing no citrus fruit… A real feat and a precious rarity in the world of perfumery! Also, the limpidity of Eau d’Issey Pure shines through rather through a marine accord very quickly evoking ozonic spray. These are then accompanied by tones of ambergris, an ingredient for a very long time used in perfumery. In this case, it is a raw material emanating from the sperm whale and adopting its final smell by floating on the surface of the water. It is an element that is at once animal, musky, marine and tobacco, shaped by water, sun, salt and air. Then, Eau d’Issey Pure evolves towards more lightness of femininity. The lily delivers its sweet and slightly spicy scent. Orange blossom, on the other hand, is displayed in a floral, waxy, green and powdery impulse. It is then the turn of the Damanesca rose to deliver all its poetry and elegance to us. Finally, the jasmine completes the whole with its warm, rich and opulent scents, while the cashmeran does not shy away from its sensuality, leading us into a real carnal impulse.

The poetic images of Issey Miyake

Of course, as its name and composition indicate, Eau d’Issey Pure is a fragrance in which the history of water is discussed.. Nevertheless, this one is worked in a very poetic way and seems to be constantly in motion. She reveals to us the different facets of her personality. It is a torrent-like water, rushing forward or into the future, perpetually fiery and joyful. Also, this feeling of movement is also reflected through its bottle. Eau d’Issey Pure is contained in a glass structure stretching in height. Moreover, this effect is further accentuated by the name of this perfume spreading vertically on its surface. This case then seems to extend towards the heavens and shows us its transparency through a limpid glass playing with light. If its highly refined aesthetic is inspired by that of Eau d’Issey from 1992,

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