The new Match Point fragrance, when Lacoste goes to the net

The new Match Point fragrance, when Lacoste goes to the net
The new champion of the Lacoste Match Point fragrance ad
The new champion of the Lacoste Match Point fragrance ad

Match Point, Lacoste creates a scent as vibrant as a match ball!

The Lacoste brand owes its existence to a former sportsman. Formerly, René Lacoste was one of the most famous tennis players on the planet. Finally, he decided to found his own ready-to-wear brand in 1933. Symbol of elegance and relaxation, Lacoste has always made refinement rhyme with a certain spirit of competitiveness. Since 1984, the brand has also distinguished itself in the world of perfumery. However, his philosophy has remained intact. Moreover, the latest creation from Lacoste proves it once again. Very inspired by the world of tennis, the perfume for men Match Point has all the ardor and tension that one feels during a final match point.

The dazzling green composition of the Match Point perfume

Match Point is a powerful fragrance that benefits from a very daring olfactory composition. His ambition? Affirm the strength of natural character of men and encourage them to take the plunge! Initially, this perfume launches on the essential oil of basil, whose breath is intended to be particularly aromatic. Then, this green freshness is immediately associated with a more incandescent and spicy heat of pink pepper. The heart of Match Point, meanwhile, is occupied by gentian absolute, a very refreshing and vibrant ingredient. Gradually, masculinity gains ground and virility explodes in a final breath of vetiver. This ingredient also provides more persistence and structure to this recipe.

A bottle designed like a tennis court

Always to remind the world of tennis, the Match Point bottlehas in it many codes that clearly recall this sport. It all starts with its hood. Designed in rubber and adorned with a stitched pattern, it clearly recalls the handle of a racket. The Match Point glass container, on the other hand, focuses more on transparency. Inside, it contains a green essence reminiscent of the tennis courts at Wimbledon, the color of René Lacoste’s racquet or the brand’s iconic crocodile. At its base, the Match Point bottle even adopts a concave shape reminiscent of a ball hitting the ground. Is it the impact of the ultimate match point? Finally, a white label inscribes his name with sobriety, while being split in two by a taut black line materializing the rising tension during the match point.
Here, the Match Point bottle comes in two different versions, in 50 ml or 100 ml sprays.

As a reminder, Lacoste’s olfactory adventure began in 1984, already aimed at elegant athletes. Since then, Lacoste has continued to multiply olfactory creations, both in the male world and on the side of the fairer sex, since 2004.

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